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Facing the Consequences

Ok So it’s Wednesday and it’s weigh in day (26 Dec). Must admit I was dreading today. Why oh why does weigh in day come the day after Christmas??? I’ve been known to put on 2 or more kilos just on Christmas day before… and thats without attending any functions on Christmas Eve. This year I had Christmas Eve and Christmas Day food functions, so it was with much trepidation that I stepped on the scales this morning. I thought about my eating and drinking habits over the last couple of days… yes I had cut down on alcohol consumption and had replaced the soft drink I would normally drink with water… but I had also absolutely gorged myself on dips and crackers on Christmas Eve and whilst I didnt snack on Christmas Day I did have more prawns than I needed and I did have the pork crackling (including 2nds) and a pretty sizeable mound of those roast potatoes (my brother makes an awesome roast) I must admit the thought of not weighing in at all did cross my mind, but I decided that whatever the result I need to own it. Part of this journey for me is about not putting my head in the sand and ignoring what overeating does to me. So that’s it. Bite the bullet. Get on the scales. Own the result. Deal with it then move on.

OK. Stripped off, eyes closed I gingerly stepped onto the scales… I was even holding my breath. Had I put back on the weight I’ve lost over the last couple of weeks? Am I heavier than when I started? Will this number set me on a tailspin eating binge? Timidly I opened my eyes and peeked down half expecting to see a number starting with 1…phew still in the 90s… focus eyes… 96.6. Hang on a minute….that can’t be right… Quick head calculation…. that’s up 400g. Wow. Yes it’s up, but 400g isn’t really a lot. If I focus this week I can lost that and a bit more.

So it wasn’t as scary as I thought and I haven’t descended into the comfort eating tailspin that an increase on the scales usually causes. Instead I had a healthy breakfast and went for a walk. I’ve seen the result. I know why that result occurred. I own that the number went up because I ate too much and moved too little. That 400g increase is the result of choices I made. The bad choices led to the increase. The good choices minimised the size of the increase. Ok. I’m not going to beat myself up and feel miserable. I’m actually going to choose to be proud of those good choices. So this week more good choices so next weigh in I will have more to be proud of. I’m going to a BBQ today for lunch, but as I do NOT want to see that number creep up again next week I know I will be able to control my eating and drinking and enjoy the company. I’ve also decided to walk down there instead of driving. See good choices.

I hope everyone else is having a good day regardless of the numbers. To those of you who managed a decrease on the scales today AWESOME effort!


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