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Pushing past the pain

Just thought I’d post a couple of pics of the results of my new JFDI attitude. This is just the worst half of each foot. The one on the left foot extends 9cm around my ankle and is about 1.5cm wide with a smaller 1cm square blister above it (new today). The right one is a lot better – only a 2.5cm one and a 1.5cm one with a couple of new tiny ones from today. It is making it really hard to keep up with the activity I know I need to do. I tried being “professionally fitted” at Athletes Foot for sneakers – I got blisters 10 min after wearing the new shoes. I’ve tried bandaids before the blisters form – I got blisters through the bandaids. I tried blister pads – I sweat them off about 20-30 minutes into a walk and get added blisters from where the now “floating” pad rubs. This morning I tried a suggestion from these forums – blister pads and then strapping tape over the top to hold the pads on. It worked well for about an hour, but by the end of the Bay Walk (1hr and 13min this morning yay me) I had blisters in new spots – where the tape edges were. There is the added joy of ripping the hairs on your feet and ankles out when you take the tape off too. Oh well saves on waxing.

My next step I think will be to see a sports podiatrist (who’d have thought I’d ever see a sports anything!) and see if they can sort this out.

I’m not posting this as an excuse. I’m posting it more so I can see what I went through in all aspects of this journey I’m on. (and with a tiny shred of hope that someone actually reads these blogs and might have a suggestion) I am refusing to let these blisters stop me this time as they have in the past. Yes they will make it damned hard to get to the 30km challenge this week (oh how I wish I was fit enough to swim laps! – might give it a go anyway they have lifeguards at pools right?) but I am determined to get there. I also know that I can work out in bare feet at home to the dvds. They dont get me to the distance but they do improve my fitness!

If anyone has any other suggestions on how to overcome these blisters I’m listening.

badges of honor - blisters

badges of honor – blisters



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