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Slow and Steady

Well it’s Wednesday and that means weigh in day. I had 3 blow out days (or half days) this week so I was expecting a gain but hoping to keep that gain to a minimum as I have done a load of extra exercise (see blister post earlier for some of the evidence).

Well happy days I’m down 600g. Not a huge number no, but if you read what I ate on New Years Eve, and add to that a massive pigout on boxing day and a Friday night eating and drinking way too much with friends you can see why I’m so happy.

I’ve only got one social evening this week (tomorrow night) so I’m hoping for a bigger number next week. At least it’s moving in the right direction.

Also its day 3 of Michelle’s 30km warm up challenge and I’ve completed 18km so I’m pretty pleased with that! Did the Bay walk again today, in spite of the pesky blisters. Was a little slower (1hr 17min) but I did add a couple of very short runs into it (nothing to get excited about… both less than 100m, but hey I RAN!)

I hope everyone else is feeling as good as I am (in spite of the muscle fatigue)


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