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Walking my Own Path

Today is Weigh In Wednesday and guess what? DOWN 800g! Ok it’s not a huge number and I do get a bit jealous / disheartened when I read about those of you losing over 2kg in your first few days or 1.5kg a week. (Thrilled for you, but still a bit jealous). Then I think about it. This is my journey. I am not in competition with anyone other than myself. There will always be people who lose more, there will probably be people who lose less and there may even be those who lose none or gain a little. Everyone is on their own path. As long as my weight consistently comes down I have no reason to be disheartened. In fact I’m pretty pleased that I lost more this week than last week. And I’ve definitely lost more than I would have had I continued on my previous lifestyle path!

There were a couple of other positives this morning too. That weight loss puts me only 200g off the goal I had set myself for the END of preseason and preseason doesn’t even START for another 5 days! I KNOW I can drop 200g in 5 days! I’m thinking I will need to set a new goal for end of preseason…Thinking out loud here. It seems that with my current attempts to eat well and exercise more I’m losing between 400 and 800g a week… so, as preseason is 4 weeks long I’m going to aim for another 2.4kg drop by end of preseason. That should hopefully see me start the round at 92.6kg. Wow. That’s huge! I haven’t been under 95kg in at least 3 years. Maybe longer. I’m really looking forward to not being in the 90’s at all anymore, but baby steps.

I’m hoping once the round kicks off and I have the eating plan and exercise plans to follow that the weight loss increases pace a little bit. I know at the moment I’m actually struggling to eat the 1200 cal. I actually need to snack more. OK that is something I NEVER thought I would say! I guess when you switch from being someone who basically gorged from about 2pm until bedtime but didn’t eat before that, to someone eating 3 calorie controlled meals a day with one afternoon snack (I don’t seem at all hungry for a morning snack) it just takes the body a while to adjust.

I almost forgot another HUGE achievement this morning. I actually managed to do Michelle’s Cardio Kicker DVD in its entirety! Yes I did the low impact options for most of it, but previously I’d only been able to get through a couple of segments even with the low impact options. Pretty proud of myself for that. I guess my fitness is improving. 48 min. 392 calories burned, maximum HR 172, ave HR 147. Time in zone 24 min. Sweated up a storm. Not bad for a loungeroom workout.

Yesterday was another first for me. I met up with a gf and we went down to the Fairlight tidal pool with our kickboards and swam laps. I’ve NEVER been a lap swimmer, and in all honesty if I had been there by myself I would probably have gotten bored in 10 minutes and left. Actually I would never have gone in the first place as I would have been too worried about someone calling Greenpeace to rescue the great white whale stranded in the pool. Instead though Michelle and I chatted and laughed up and down the pool, throwing in speed laps every now and then. When we got out we discovered we had been at it for an hour and a half!!! I didn’t have my HRM on (not sure if it is waterproof) but plugging the numbers into MyFitnessPal, I burned between 680 cal (snorkelling) and 816 cal (swimming leisurely, general). Not bad for spending a fun morning cooling off on a stinking hot day with a friend! We’ve decided to make it a weekly thing, at least while the water temp is good.

I’m really enjoying finding ways to socialize that don’t involve food. Previously every social occasion centred around eating and or drinking so this is a huge change for us. It wont be possible with every “friend” I know, and I may end up seeing less of some of them as a result but I’m hoping to make some new ones along the way and to spend the bulk of my free time actually DOING instead of eating and watching. There are so many things I want to try, and to experience. I’m not letting my (previously) appalling level of fitness and rolls of fat hold me back any longer.

“Limitations only exist if you let them”. Well I’m not letting them anymore. Bring it on life! I’m ready!

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