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Achieving Goals

I have been really good since I signed up at limiting myself to getting on the scales one day a week. Weigh in Wednesdays and that’s it. I used to get on them every day and it played with my head space badly – I’d eat well for a day get on them the next day and have put on a bit (even 100g) and I’d think “why bother” and eat crap.

At last week’s weigh in though, I was soooooo close to my end of preseason goal! 200g. I really wanted to see if I could get there before preseason starts on Monday. So today I allowed myself a little sneaky weigh in. Not to see how much I have lost since I last stepped on the scales, but to see if I could get to that magic 95.0kg. Well guess what? I DID IT! I was SOOO happy to get on the scales and see 94.6 I did a little happy dance in the bathroom.

Funny thing is it’s not about the numbers lost. My preseason goal was not a huge number. I’d deliberately set it at something I thought I could achieve, but that I would have to work to achieve because of the Christmas / New Year party season. Plus summer in general just seems so social. What made me happy was that I had set myself a goal and that I’d achieved it, AND I achieved it in less time than I thought I would. I feel great because I achieved a goal, not because I’ve dropped a few kilos. This is new for me. I don’t usually do goal setting – especially time based goals. The downside of that is that I didn’t know how great it feels to actually achieve those goals. The first time I felt it was probably when I completed the 30km challenge in week 3 of the warm up. But that was a goal someone else had set so in a way todays little victory was different. It was all me and it felt AWESOME!

We also built in a couple of jogging spurts into the Bay Walk this morning. Whilst I didn’t manage to jog all of the big bridge (total length 468m) I did start jogging again after resting the middle 3rd so I probably jogged 2/3 of it. Not much when you look at the numbers but more than I have ever done before. I also jogged the whole of the pedestrian bridge further round and finished the walk with another short jog. The last 2 were hard to start as my legs were aching but I did them! It wont be long and I will be able to jog that whole Ironcove bridge! For someone who even as a kid (when I was fit) hated running that is going to be a massive achievement.

I’m looking forward to many more of these little victories on the way.


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