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Beating the excuses

Well it’s that time of the week again – Weigh In Wednesday. I’ve had a good week food and exercise wise this week so I was really looking forward to a good number on the scales (especially after my sneak peak hehe). Jumped on the scales this morning and I’m down 900g since last Wed. It’s a good number I know but I’d REALLY like one of those 1kg plus weeks. I’m not greedy, I’m not asking for the 3kg+ that other people are getting. Just 1kg. Is that too much to ask? Looking back over my food diary though there were a couple of days I was under my 1200… some where I was under 1000. Ok so maybe I didnt have as good a week food wise as I thought. I will endeavour to stick to the 1200 cals this week and hopefully that will reflect on the scales.

I’m SOOOO looking forward to getting our food plans. I just don’t want to have to think about what I’m going to eat. I know that’s lazy and I know that in the long term I need to make my own choices, but just for a while I want to stop thinking. Exercise wise it has been a good week though. I’m still walking but am mixing it up with Saturday morning bootcamp (215 max heart rate last week WOW!!), and swimming on Tuesdays. I got a bit sunburned in yesterday’s session. Serves me right for not bothering to slip slop slap cause I was only in the water for an hour. I don’t usually burn out of the water, but in it I’m a lobster. I wont be making that mistake again. The heat coming off my back is making me really feel the warmer weather today.

I just couldn’t face walking at lunchtime which was when I planned a session today due to morning and afternoon commitments. The thought of piking did cross my mind.. the “I’m too tired” and “It’s too hot” excuses started to raise their ugly heads. I refuse to give in to them though so I just went about a different type of session. Why take a miserable walk in the heat when I could workout in the relative cool of the loungeroom?

So when I got home, before I sat down to lunch, I threw a Zumba dvd on. I bought them ages ago and hadn’t used them. I only did the step instructional DVD but in the hour I still managed to burn 384 cals and what’s more I felt good that I hadn’t given in to the excuses and had JFDI. I didnt feel like eating afterwards either, but in the interests of getting to my 1200 calories today I applied the JFDI principle to lunch too. I feel so much better having done something and I actually enjoyed the zumba (glad I was in my loungeroom though where no one could see my awkward moves hehehe). It’s renewed my positivity for the afternoon, and I’m thinking I may even go for a walk this evening when it cools down.

I hope everyone else has had a great week.


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