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Feeling Good

ok have to jump on here and have a bit of a brag. I headed back to the Bay this afternoon. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I was doing it on my own with no one to push me so it was totally up to me. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it all the way across the long bridge running without stopping in the middle but I think that’s because I powered up the steep hill just before the bridge. I must have kept powering too because I managed to knock 6 minutes off my previous best time!!!! I jogged several sections of the bay and surprised myself when I stopped the timer at 1hr 7min and 27 sec. I think back to January 1 when I did it in 1hr 13 and that was being pushed along by a couple of lovely but much fitter women. Tonight it was only me pushing myself. I’m so proud of myself right now wink Wish I could bottle this feeling!

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