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Funnily enough today’s task “organise and diarise” was a hard one for me. My life is so unscheduled and I tend to fly by the seat of my pants. I am also CRAP at keeping a written diary. I tend to write things in and then forget they are there. I have therefore “adapted” the task (hope that is ok). Instead of writing things in an actual diary that I will probably lose/forget to look in etc, I’ve put all my exercise appointments in my phone’s calendar. This also links them with my google calendar so even if I lose the phone I have them. I already keep my social engagements in there (facebook events go in automatically) as my phone is always with me so I can put things in as they come up and check for clashes etc. The phone calendar has the added bonus of allowing me to set alerts for events. So now I will get an audio reminder for every scheduled training session. When I add a social function in I can see what sort of training session is set for that day and when and adjust things accordingly. I’ve scheduled a couple of extra cardio training sessions on days when I have a social functions on rest days – I figure doing a walk those days will at least combat some prospective damage from the sunday social meals smile

I hit a bit of a roadblock with the mini goals though… I couldnt think of any. Then I remembered the goal setting task so back I went. I already had the 1 month goal, and the 3 month so it was just a matter of setting the 8 week one… or so I thought. Previously my 1 month goal was to run the Iron Cove Bridge without stopping. Well I’ve achieved that so now I want to be able to do it every time (I only made 2/3 last time). My 3 month goal was to run 1km without stopping. My running is improving so I’m thinking I can get to that by 8 weeks… so now I need a new 3 month goal. This is hard as I am going overseas in week 9 and wont be back until the end of the round. There isnt anything specifically physical I have planned for the trip (other than making sure I keep up with training) so I’m not sure. I want to make sure that by the time I get home I can still run the 1km without stopping. If I was around for finale then I would say training with Michelle but it looks like finale is before I get home. The goal is supposed to be something really big but I just can’t think of anything sad If I can get to my weight targets that will make me ecstatically happy but I don’t think thats the milestone Michelle is expecting.

I feel bad I can’t seem to complete this task. I just need to figure out some sort of 12 week milestone. Time to put the thinking cap on :-/


Please share your thoughts / ideas / suggestions

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