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Working it in to everyday life

It’s been an interesting few days. I’m still struggling with exercise motivation if I don’t have a session planned with other people. Funny thing though on the days when I JFDI on my own anyway I seem to get great results! Yesterday I did stuff all. I blamed it on my aching ankle but in reality that was just an excuse. The ankle only hurts after I finish exercising and not too much during it. I’m seeing the doc next week to hopefully get it sorted for good but I have to stop letting it become an excuse not to exercise.

This morning bootcamp was cancelled due to the wet weather. I COULD have used that as another excuse, but there was no way I was letting myself get away with that 2 days in a row (hoping that means I’m at least part of the way there!). I headed in to our office’s gym planning on doing an hour and burning 500 or so cals. I started on the treadmill and did the C25k (week 1 day 3). Normally I would jump off after that and go and use the weights machine or boxing dummy for a while then jump back on for however long it takes to fill the hour. This morning though I decided to stay on. I switched to an incline interval program and did another half an hour walking. Once that was up I actually felt like testing myself. I dropped the incline back down to 1 and cranked the pace up to 8km/hr and just started running. I was aiming to do 2 or 3 minutes straight if I could (having never run more than 90sec on the treadmill before). Well I managed to get to just over 4 min before I started feeling really out of breath but kept pushing myself and got to 5 min! Only 700m (seems to take forever to get anywhere lol) but I felt so good smile So good I then went and did some boxing and upper body weights.

So yeah it wasn’t a bootcamp session but I still managed to push myself even though I was all alone. I’m really hoping I can do this more often as the program goes on. I’m thinking of doing that workout after bootcamp on saturdays to get to my 1000 cal burn. I’m just hoping it still counts if there is an hour or 2 in between the sessions as I have a pre existing commitment Saturday mornings.

Tomorrow I have a big lunch to go to which I’d booked before I signed up here. It’s a set menu so I cant order whatever I want. I wont be drinking so that’s something. But I just KNOW that the calories will be WAY up there. Luckily (?) it’s a late lunch so for me it will be lunch and dinner, but I still think I will be over 1200 cals tomorrow. No idea how to count the calories in the meal either sad (why oh why cant restaurants provide calorie info so at least I’d know how bad it is??)

Anyway I have decided not to stress too much. I’m going to go for a walk in the morning so I can burn off a few of those extra calories. I will attempt to avoid the bread sticks before the sit down part of the meal and I will do my best to limit my portion sizes. Other than that I am just going to enjoy the afternoon. These sorts of outings are fairly common in my life and whilst I’m happy enough to cut them down to once a week or even less, I don’t want to cut them out of my life entirely. After all for me this is a lifestyle change not a diet so I need to learn how to manage my social life too.


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