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Getting the doctor on board

It’s interesting how much things have changed for me during the warm up and preseason. As some people know I sobbed when I took my unofficial “before” photo (only front on) in the mirror and I balled my eyes out as my dexa scan was revealed. Well today I had an appointment with my lovely GP. I wanted her to take my official “before” photos. There was no one else I felt comfortable standing in front of in my underwear. Of course asking her to take those photos also meant I had to tell her that I am doing this program and means I will now be accountable to her as well. I stripped off in front of her and stood in front of her feeling crap but KNOWING I have already started making the necessary changes to fix it. Funnily enough I automatically sucked my stomach in and she had to try get me to relax and stand naturally. She pointed out that my transformation would be so much more noticeable if I did and even had me laughing. Does look a little silly in my photo to be looking so happy and so grossly overweight, but I’m looking at it as being happy that its on the way out.

I managed to get through the whole process without tears or even the threat of tears. Even when I looked at the photo of my back end which is the most confronting of all. I’ve never looked at myself from that angle and I had no idea that it looked THAT bad. I even have fat rolls around the back of my knees! But at least I was able to look at it (very brief look admittedly), and see it only as a “before” picture and not an accurate reflection of the fitter, healthier person I feel myself becoming.

On another positive note my blood pressure is “textbook” at 110/70 so nothing to worry about there. The doc was very pleased that I am doing something about my weight before it affects my health and said she’s heard great things about the program. She’s put my goals into my records too so there’s no escaping the FACT that this excess is all going.

I’ve arranged to do my fitness test on Saturday with a group of inner westies that are doing their week 12 fitness test. I’m hoping that I can be as positive about those results as  I’m feeling today. I already know I’m fitter than when I first signed up back at the beginning of December so it will be better than it could have been.

I’m pumped about the round starting soon! Not so pumped about weigh in tomorrow after the epic lunch on Sunday but I’m hoping that the work I have done the rest of the week and the fact that I was more cautious in the quantities I ate at that lunch will mean I still get a small loss.


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