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First Fitness Test

I finally got around to doing my fitness test this morning. I had planned to do it yesterday morning with the inner westie facebook group (followed by their SSS regime) but work butted its ugly head in and meant I couldn’t make it. By the time I was finished work it was 30’C+ and I was exhausted so the thought of doing anything at all outside was just too much for me. I did however head to the gym back at the office and did back to back couch to 5k programs. I’d forgotten to put my HRM transmitter on (early mornings are not good for my brain function!) so thought the easiest way to measure my cals was to spend the whole time on the treadmill so at least I could use time + distance to guestimate calories burned.

So this morning I set my alarm for 5.45 so I could get the fitness test done before meeting people to do the Bay at 7. Someone had said somewhere that it should only take around 20 min… that someone did not take into account that there is a 10min warm up and it takes me forever to do 1km lol. I think next time I will allow myself closer to an hour.

Anyway here are the results of my test:
1km time trial: – 8min 47sec (Beginner but hoping to make it sub 8min by the end of the round and graduate to intermediate)
Pushups: – 20 on my knees (Beginner, again should be able to push into advanced as the program progresses)
Abdominal strength: – 90sec on knees (Advanced. WTF!?!?! I really think they need to rethink those numbers. Anyway from here on in I must do planks on toes)
Wallsit: – 53sec (Beginner, I expected better than this after all those squats, but should easily make it into Intermediate before the round ends)
Sit and Reach: – PLUS 5cm (actually plus 53mm, Intermediate, almost advanced. I am hoping this is into advanced by week 4. Its only 7mm further and as the tummy shrinks it should get easier lol)

So there you have it. I am, as I expected, a Beginner for the exercise component of the program. I don’t feel at all bad about that. I know these numbers are a hell of a lot better than they would have been had I done them a month or 2 ago. I also know they will be better when I do them next time.

Following the fitness test I did the bay plus a bit extra in probably my worst time in ages hahaha. I didn’t run any of it and my legs ached the whole way around. 8.3km in 1hr 28 min putting me at just over 9km for the morning. My legs feel like they’ve done 50km. I do feel good about the 760+ cals I’ve burned this morning (only had HRM on for time trial and bay walk) so that puts me in good stead for the degustation dinner with matching wines I’m going to tonight. A last hurrah before the round kicks off tomorrow.

I’ve done my shop (approx $135 for 1 person without the 10 serve cheesecake recipe for those that were concerned), have my program sorted and am ready to get on with it. It’s exciting, and a little scary. The food part I’m really looking forward to. The exercise part I’m going to have to push myself. Right now I’m aching from the waist down (including a bit of my back for some reason) and I know there are a lot more aches and pains to come. I’m determined not to let that stop me though. This time there will be no half arsed efforts. I will conquer the food AND the exercise AND the mindset and I will come out the other side slimmer, fitter and happier.

Let the games begin!

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