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On Top Of the World

Just wanted to share how awesome I feel today! Work was a little more forgiving today so I could enjoy my breakfast at leisure this morning. (I didn’t love it, but it was ok) and I got a chance to do Michelle’s home workout video for the day. I was pleased I could do a few of the intermediate moves, although by the end I was struggling to finish the beginner ones!

The food for the rest of the day was great. I had almonds for morning snack and the nutty wrap for afternoon snack (the wrap was yum and as there isn’t much in it for once the mountain bread doesn’t disintegrate!). Then there was dinner. Oh my god I have died and gone to heaven! I did have to add a splash of milk to get a “sauce” consistency (pan too big temp too high was problem I think) but wowwowowowwow I LOVED it! I even licked the plate. It was just so good. I really hope it features frequently in the program.

I was meant to meet a friend for a swim this afternoon but weather and work combined to ruin that idea but I did meet up with a couple of fabulous innerwest ladies and do the outdoor program for the day in the park. It was so good to have company. I probably would have felt too self conscious doing some of those moves in public on my own (hip thrusters anyone???) But having people to laugh with, and to motivate me as just fantastic. It even made the headache I started to develop towards the end of the workout seem less noticeable. I really hope I can do that sort of thing more often. (working out with buddies I mean not headaches smile )

Now I’m home. Dishes are done and I’m relaxing with a cup of peppermint tea. I’ve never been a tea drinker and never really understood the whole ritual of it, but after only 2 days I’m really starting to enjoy this part of the day. Sitting down with a cuppa signals that I’ve done everything I was meant to do today and that its time to unwind. I’m feeling happy, and content in the knowledge that I was able to do everything that I asked of myself today. Headache is almost gone too which is nice. I expect that there may be some bad days over the next 12 weeks so right now I’m really enjoying this feeling. I’ve never had those exercise endorphins everyone talks about, but I think I have them now.

I’m on top of the world and the view is AWESOME!

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