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A Tough Day at the Office

It’s Weigh in Wednesday again, but the first official one of the round. I wasn’t expecting much on the scales due to the big degustation meal on Sunday (with matching wines) but I was very pleasantly surprised with a 500g drop! I was happy for those people posting on Michelle’s Facebook page that they had 1 – 2+ kg drops in only a couple of days, but my body just doesn’t work that way and I have to accept that. For me half a kilo is a good week. Those rare occasions when I get a full kilo, well they are just plain spectacular smile So anyway my 500g this morning made me happy.

Unfortunately that was the end of the good day. Work once again burst my bubble. The boss confirmed that I will have to be on call/ work 4 more weekends a year (I’m already on 26 weekends). Also my “afternoon” shift will now start at 10am. This plays havoc with my ability to take nanna to her appointments and on her errands, not to mention me wanting to have a life outside of work and nanna responsibilities. Needless to say I was not happy. Added to that the food up until dinner tonight really hadn’t filled me up (mental note, fruit based snacks without protein do not work for me if the main meals arent as filling as usual). So I was tired (yep 6am start again), grumpy AND hungry. All I wanted to do when I finished work was go home curl up in a ball on the couch cry my eyes out and stuff my face with starch…or salt… or chocolate… or all of them. Maybe washed down with a bourbon and coke or a massive glass of baileys and butterscotch schnapps.

That’s definitely what I WANTED to do. Instead, I had a quick vent on facebook, changed into my workout gear and headed out to do the outdoor cardio workout for today. I substituted the C25k week 3 Day 2 run intervals (28 min) for Mish’s 10 min ones but did the rest of the workout. Let me tell you that running was a struggle. There were times I wanted to give up – especially during the 3 min runs. My leg and butt muscles where aching with every step, my sore ligament was screaming at me, and it felt almost impossible to get any air into my lungs. I wouldn’t let myself stop though. It took absolutely every ounce of mental strength not to let my feet walk before the end of the interval but I did it! Not the fastest run in the world (or even the fastest I’ve ever run I don’t think) but I ran every damned second I was supposed to run. And when the run was over, I didn’t stop. I kept walking until it was time for the next run and I ran that too.. All of them. Take that lack of control! I may not be able to control work but I CAN control my body!

Between the walking and the running (and some TOUGH hills) I covered just over 6 km before the final blast and stretches. I would have done some boxing but that would have involved going to the office gym and I didn’t want to go anywhere near work! An hour and 20 min later I’d burned 677 calories and was sweating up a storm. More importantly though, I no longer felt out of control and my craving for junk was gone. I’m still peeved about the work stuff, but I’m not as emotional about it. I’m not tired either (well physically I am but I’m no longer sleepy). As soon as I got home I started cooking tonights dinner which, even though not full of flavour was still nice enough and more filling than I thought it would be, so I’m not hungry anymore either.

In the end, much as today wasn’t the easiest day in the world, but I’m so happy with how I dealt with things. Before this program, there is no way on earth i would have used exercise to deal with my emotions. I only did it today because I knew I had to do a workout – I committed to doing them and so do them I will. I didnt want to do it but I am SO glad I did. Instead of going completely off the rails due to emotions, I was able to stay totally on track. I wanted to write about it, so maybe if I feel bad again in the future I’ll reach for my running shoes instead of the chocolate.


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