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My First Super Session

Yes it’s Saturday and that means SSS – Super Saturday Session. After a week of early morning starts and stress at work this week I am exhausted. I admit when I woke up I hoped it was raining so I could skip the 7am SSS with the other inner westies at the park and sleep for a while (I told myself I would do double dvd later in the day). The rain had stopped by 6am though, so I dragged my tired body out of bed and threw on my workout gear before my brain could start functioning properly and come up with excuses.

A bunch of the Sydney Inner Westies met at the park for todays session. We started the session with a 1km walk/run to warm up instead of the 3min step ups on the program. When I could barely run 50m without my leg burning I knew I was in for a tough morning! There are different levels in the group so I broke away with the beginners so we could concentrate on our program which I was pleased to see looked a lot easier than the intermediate one!

I seemed to cope ok with the pushups, although my arms were shaking by the end of the second sets, but the runs were another matter. I just could not seem to get my body moving! I was determined not to give up and kept up the running motion but I swear I was jogging slower than I walk. The other beginners were lapping me on the runs. Usually that would have really upset me (I hate “losing” and used to just not try if I knew I was crap at something). This journey though is different. I’m not in competition with anyone but myself and let me tell you when it comes to beating myself I am winning way more than I am losing! I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be losing massive numbers like some people seem to each week (2 – 3 kg in 2 days… WTF????) but as long as I am losing weight I will be happy. Running is the same. I’ve never been good at it. Even as a kid I hated it. I’m in the process of training my body to do it, and that’s a big ask of a body that’s carrying an extra 30+kg and is used to sitting on its well padded derrière all day! I was pleased I managed to do all the 200m runs without stopping. The 400m one was harder. I was already exhausted from the rest of the session, and when I got halfway through the third 100m I just couldn’t do it and had to walk. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself and made sure I didn’t dawdle and walked as fast as I could. Then I turned around and ran the whole last 100m and got cheered on by the other girls who had already finished their 400m.

I’ve never really been involved in team sports before, but the support I get from the guys and girls I train with and the people on these forums is phenomenal. I honestly think I would have given up during the warm up if it wasn’t for all the support, motivation and inspiration I’ve received and I am SOOO grateful!

After the stretching I looked down at my HRM keen to see my numbers for the session. I was dripping with sweat and utterly exhausted. My heart sank when I saw the numbers. 426 cals burned. What felt like the longest session ever had only taken around 48 minutes and had burned less than a walk around the bay. It’s not fair! Ave HR was 157 and max was 181 so it’s not like I wasn’t working hard. (I’m 39 years old so my max HR is 181 and my training zone is 117 – 153). The other beginners had burned even less and I know they worked their butts off too. I had planned to do another hours training later, but knowing I would have to burn 600 cals I knew that a dvd wouldnt do it and I was going to have to head out for a run/walk.

When the intermediates had finished the session, someone had this fab idea of finishing with group stepups. This is where everyone stands along the gutter in a long line (I think there were around 15 of us), then we all start doing running stepups. The first person counts to 12 then we all swap legs and the next person starts counting to 12. This continues all the way down the line, swapping leg leads each time we change counters. I burned another 50 or so cals doing that. It must have been quite a site for the people walking past. I kind of wish we had a photo of it smile I didn’t stop at all for the whole thing, (although I think I did slow down a bit, particularly on left leg leads towards the end). Surprisingly enough I really enjoyed it. Not the step ups per se, but the feeling of being a part of something, and knowing that me being there added to the group (added an extra 12 steps that is hahaha) If you haven’t already done it, I definitely advise finding people in your area who are doing the 12wbt to train with sometimes. It really is worth it.

After the session with the inner westies, I headed to the fruit and veg market to do this weeks shopping. I think my regular market stall got a shock with the volume I bought _ I used to spend less than $10 a week on fruit and veg. This week I spent almost $40! I then went to the meat market for the meat which was only $10 – and that’s with buying extra. So this week I’m sitting at $50 with only my Coles shop to go so I’m anticipating it will be a lot cheaper than the $135 I spent last week which is very nice.

By the time i got home I was utterly wrecked. I knew if I tried to train anymore right then I would do it half hearted and it would take all day to get the burn I needed, so I opted instead for a nap… at 10am… ridiculous I know but I really needed it. I slept too. Deep sleep with actual dreams (weird dream actually) none of that half awake dozing I seem to do usually if I nap in the daytime. When I got up at noon, I again got into workout gear before my brain kicked into gear and headed down to the treadmill at the office (it was raining again). I started with the C25k W3, D3 which took me 28 min and only around 300 cals, and then I started doing hill intervals. Pushing myself by increasing the incline to level 10 for some of the intervals. It took me 70 min but I managed to burn 629 calories, bringing my total for the day to 1105. Now I don’t know if it’s right to split your SSS into 2 sessions or not, but I know that’s the way I need to do it at the moment time wise. The idea of getting up at 5am or earlier on a Saturday to train for an hour or more before bootcamp just doesn’t appeal. Plus I’m not sure how I would go at bootcamp if I’d already trained for an hour before it started.

I’m utterly wrecked now though. My whole body aches. I’m so tired I feel I could nap again. The thought of actually doing any of the housework I need to do fills me with dread. I don’t want to move. I’m supposed to be going out with girlfriends tonight for a night on the town but I honestly don’t know if I’m up to it. I’ve got 2 hours to get some energy back sad
Tomorrow isn’t a rest day for me either as I’ve signed up for a 10km walk. It wont be at any great pace (I think its supposed to take around 2 hours) so I’m hoping my legs can make it. At the moment it’s not looking great. I’m sure a good night’s sleep will fix that though and I will be fine. It’s times like this I wish my apartment had a bath as well as a shower. I could so do with a soak in some epsom salts. Oh well. Just have to make do with staying in the shower until my tiny water heater runs out of hot water.



One thought on “My First Super Session

  1. I’m starting to think the SSS and 1000+ calorie burn is actually a ploy by Mish and team to ensure you are too buggered to go completely off the rails on Saturday nights! I did go out, but couldn’t bear the thought of undoing all the work I’d done today so I skipped the champagne (even though it was free!) and the delicious smelling pizza and opted for 1 vodka lime and soda, with a salad then just drank soda with lime. Was so incredibly tired and starting to ache by around 10pm so I called it quits and came straight home to bed so I would be fresh for the 10km walk tomorrow. Who is this woman???

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