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No Rest for the Wicked

As we all know Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Well I did allow myself to sleep in until 8am so that was great (except after all the early starts this week I was awake at 7). Then it was off for a 10km meet and greet walk with the Inner Westies crew. I thought that meant the walk would be a nice slow pace, and I guess I could have slowed down if I wanted to, but instead I powered off up near the front trying to keep up with people who are a lot fitter (or have a lot longer legs) than I do. We finished just over 10km in 1hr 43 min which I think is a pretty good pace considering we were chatting the whole way and I burned a fabulous 763 cals! (Not bad for a rest day ) It was really great to chat to people who have been through what I am going through as a first rounder and who constantly inspire me with their achievements, and attitudes. If nothing else 12wbt has given me some great role models and looks like developing some good friendships too.

Once the walk was over it was back to my neck of the woods to do the grocery shopping (seems to take me longer since I’ve started as I have trouble finding some of the less common ingredients…. corn thins anyone???). Home for lunch (another yummy but disintegrating wrap hahaha) then a walk up the road for more shopping. I don’t like having half open packets of a ton of different nuts, seeds, grains etc that can sit there for months before I finish them, so have started buying those sorts of things at a “bulk food” store near me where I can buy exactly the amount I need… even if it is only a few grams. Home again, put all the shopping away, then made the Cacao Bites for this weeks snacks. I was surprised they only took a couple of minutes to make! Hope they taste as good as they look. I only made a half batch, but I still have 11 “bites” to get through!

I’ve neglected the housework terribly this week. I would be embarrassed if anyone turned up to visit with it looking like it did, so much as I wanted to collapse on the couch, I finally got stuck into it. Kitchen cleaned, bathroom cleaned, loungeroom tidied, clean sheets on the bed, a TON of washing done. OMG soooooo much washing?!?!? I think it’s all the extra workout clothes and towels smile My bed looks sooooo inviting now I just wanted to collapse into it, but instead I did the much needed vacuuming. I’ve decided I deserve a break so am going to sit here and go through the forums for half an hour before its time to cook dinner. The disaster area that is my spare room can wait for another day (actually thinking I will schedule an hour a day to be spent in there and hopefully that will see it done before I go overseas!) I do feel much better about things now the flat is more presentable.

I’m still exhausted, but I don’t feel like I’ve wasted today like I used to on weekends. I’ve been productive, and got things done that I needed to do, but I’ve also had some fun, met some new people and enjoyed a new part of this fabulous city I am lucky enough to live in. I’m also reflecting a bit on my first official week of 12WBT. I won’t say it’s been easy, because those workouts have really pushed me, but I am proud of myself for sticking to it. Even with the crap at work this week and early morning starts coupled with extra hours at the end of shifts, I have not let that become an excuse. Every workout has been done. I have stuck to the eating program. The only thing I could improve on I think is my water intake. Whilst it’s still WAY better than it used to be, I’m not drinking the 3L or so I should be, instead hovering around 2L most days. I guess that’s something to work on next week. So from a tired, but contented me, at the end of our first week, I congratulate you all on making it. May it get a little easier each week, and may our hard work be reflected in the scales or other goals we’ve set ourselves. Bring on Week 2!

motivation 58 IMG_1235


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