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Jubilation, Frustration, Determination and Satisfaction

Weigh in Wednesday has rolled around again. I know I’ve worked hard this week, and I know I’ve stuck to the eating plan. I approached the scales with mixed feelings though – its the first full week of the program so I was really hoping for a good result but there’s always that niggling little voice that tells me my body just doesn’t lose quickly. Anyway I dragged myself out of bed (why is this getting harder every morning??) and got on the scales. DOWN 1.1kg!!!! Cue bathroom happy dance! I’m thrilled with that grin

That was just the boost I needed to get my butt down to the gym at work (raining outside). I set myself up and got on to the treadmill ready to start my Couch to 5k, as soon as I started walking at any pace though the ligament in my leg started screaming. Dammit! I felt like chucking a tantrum there and then. My stupid body that wont do what I want it to. Bad enough that I’m unfit but these stupid road blocks when I’m trying to fix that just make me want to SCREAM!

The gym at work is not particularly well equipped for cardio days. It was set up mainly for the guys, so has a treadmill, a multi exercise weight machine thingy and thats it for the airconditioned area. Out in the (indoor) carpark area there is a sparring dummy and a set of 10 ounce boxing gloves. I was determined to get a workout done this morning even if any sort of weight bearing on that leg hurt. If Mish can workout with her hamstring injury, I can workout with inflamed ligaments! So I donned the boxing gloves and took out all my frustrations on the dummy. I set up rounds for myself – 20 punches followed by 5 sumo squats. Repeat making sure I changed my arm lead and leg stance regularly. Then I switched to Front kicks into the chest area of the dummy – 10 on each leg followed by 60 uppercuts. Repeat for 3 rounds. (That one did hurt the ligament a bit, but I know from the sports podiatrist that any kind of one legged balance work is good for strengthening the muscles in that area.). As an “active rest” I walked up and down the length of the carpark area. Every step hurt, and even the right leg started to develop pain, but it was no impact so wasn’t doing any damage and I figured as long as pain levels werent excruciating I would push through. Then back to the dummy for more punching and kicking rounds. After about 35 minutes I could barely lift my arms and my hands hurt from the impact so I did the last couple of rounds with no gloves on and air punched.

By the time all that was done, and I’d done my stretches i had burned 480 calories. Not a massive number but I’m satisfied with it. My upper body is my weak point, so the muscles give out easily meaning its hard to keep it up for long periods in order to get cardio benefit. I’ve always used my legs for cardio with occasional small bursts of boxing (like 1 – 2 min) to mix it up a bit. Today tested me both mentally and physically. I’m feeling pretty good that I overcame the obstacle that my legs presented me with and got a good sweaty workout done!

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