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Odds and Sods

I had big plans for this weekend. I was going to do bootcamp this morning, then my markets shopping, home for Mish’s Heart starter session, then the groceries, cleaning and a cookup. Tomorrow I was planning to do the bay in the morning and maybe even try running again since I havent had a twinge out of my leg in about 24 hours.

So much for plans sad It was pouring this morning so bootcamp got cancelled, the cyclonic winds in conjunction with the rain made the markets impractical. Result – I laid in bed until 9am. TTOM hit this morning and I feel like crap. Nauseous, bloated and just plain blah. I was tempted to skip training all together today and use it as a rest day (I’ve already decided to swap Sat and Sunday meal plans this weekend as I have a cooking class tomorrow afternoon). I did manage to head to Coles to get the groceries done and that in itself provided an odd experience.

I was standing in the middle of the fruit and veg section checking the shopping list on my iphone when a strange guy walked up to me and said “Excuse me, but where are you from to be so beautiful?” What the??? Odd on a few levels. 1) to be asked where I’m from in a city I have lived my whole life, and for which my colouring is not at all unusual. and 2) I was looking like crap: no makeup, hair thrown up, bloated stomach, jeans too loose around the waist but still clinging to my stubbornly massive thighs and calves, shirt I’d spilled toothpaste on before coming out and could not be bothered changing. I hardly expected to be hit on! I thanked him and tried to continue on my way but he followed me asking why I walk away when a guy gives me a compliment and then he wanted my name and phone number. I was a little firmer (but still polite) in my response that time and he left me alone, but it did get me thinking. Why is it so hard to take compliments? (And do people really use the supermarket on a Saturday morning as a pickup joint?) I’m never all that comfortable with compliments about my looks, but I find them especially hard when I have made no effort. eg If I’m dressed up for an event and receive a compliment I can say things like “thankyou the hairdresser did a great job this morning” or “thanks a little makeup does wonders” or “thanks this dress is great for hiding a multitude of sins”. For some reason I can’t just be accept the compliment, I have to turn it around and give the credit to someone or something else. I wonder if that will change? I wonder if as I go through this journey I might start receiving more compliments about my looks? Is it a matter of practice to get used to accepting them?

At least getting out of the house made me feel a little better and I did Mish’s Heart Starter when I got home. Only 348 cals burned, but I think I will be happy with that today and do the super session before the Thai cooking class tomorrow. My biggest problem today is going to be eating. Being bloated, eating is the last thing I feel like doing. I forced down breakfast at 9 but its now 1.30 and the thought of eating lunch makes me queasy. I know I have to do it though. I’m thinking if I can at least get through the 3 main meals today that will be an achievement. Does anyone else feel like this some days? Knowing my luck my appetite will come back right in the middle of the cooking class tomorrow and I’ll want to eat everything in sight lol. Should be fun though, and worthy of “treat meal” status.

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