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Rocking in the 80’s

**Warning todays blog contains much jumping up and down, shameless self promotion, bad hair and daggy music**

After my foray into my old life on Sunday evening, I was straight back on track on Monday eating clean and working my butt off (hopefully). When the going got hard, as it invariably does doing Earn Your Burn, I visualised those blasted curry puffs and pushed on. Tuesday was a massive exercise day for me as I ended up doing 3 sessions! In the morning was the Mish On Possible video, then I finished work early so met up with a gf for lap swimming (or kickboarding) for an hour. Later I got a message from a couple of other 12wbt girls who wanted to meet up for outdoor training, so off I went. No wonder I’m sore today smile

For some reason though I was still scared to get on the scales. Wondering if I had done enough to combat my Thai binge. Logic said over the week I should still be down, but logic doesn’t seem to hold much weight in my head on Wednesday mornings. I was motivated to get out of bed to exercise (yeah I know – not me at all), but knowing I had to weigh in first had me staying in bed putting it off. Maybe the wanting to exercise was a procrastination method? Anyway eventually I got up the courage to face the music and headed in for the all important week 3 weigh in. And oh what sweet music it was… “Hanging Tough” whilst getting “Physical” had paid off. Perhaps “We didn’t start the Fire”, Mish did, but whilst “She Drives Me Crazy” I’ve kept the “Faith”. Looking into the mirror with my hair all wild and crazy from the salt I didnt have time to wash out yesterday (done this morning) I couldn’t help but laugh.

Yep 1.3kg down and into the 80s! For the first time in I don’t know how long but at least 5 years! I am so so happy! Farewell to the 90’s forever. It was fun while it lasted, and you served a purpose in my life, but I no longer need you and am moving on. I won’t be returning so please accept my gratitude for being there when I thought I needed you, and this my final goodbye.

Hello 80’s my old friend. I don’t plan on staying long, but it’s so nice to see you after all these years. I’m going to enjoy my short but sweet farewell visit to you. I’m sure you will teach me much as I travel with you through the next few weeks.

80s_clicks 80sDiva


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