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Merging the Old and the New

This weekend was a big test for me. I went to one of my favourite places – a horse riding ranch outside of Sydney called Yarrabin. I go here pretty regularly and I always have a fabulous time. There are usually familiar faces and as it’s the only time most of us see each other there is much merry making over the weekend. We arrive in time for dinner on Friday night and stay until after afternoon tea on Sunday. Everything is provided apart from alcohol and we usually bring PLENTY of that! I’ve always loved the food up there – 3 hot meals a day, plus dessert after lunch AND dinner, as well as nibblies every afternoon and there is always a nice cake or slice in the fridge to munch on if you get hungry in between times… yep I’ve previously taken advantage of that.

This weekend was different though. Instead of stopping at the bottle shop on the way up, I made sure I packed my workout gear, a copy of the SSS session and my HRM. The meals are high carb, high starch etc and it’s not al a carte so I knew the only control I would have over the meals was in portion sizes and skipping the dessert. Only two people up there knew I am doing this program (and one of them is looking FANTASTIC after doing last round and this round herself!) It was soon noted though that I wasn’t drinking, and as soon as I said no to dessert on f Friday night it was asked “are you on a diet or something?” Thus followed in depth discussion of the program but everyone was really supportive.

Sat morning I got up early and did the Addictive Add Ons with Deb. Wow was that hard! It did feel great to burn 568 calories in an hour at an “at home” workout though! Working with Deb pushed me not to give up when I otherwise wanted to (one legged running step ups are evil). We had a bit of an audience towards the end, but I didn’t let the embarrassment factor stop me either. Very pleased with that. It set me up for the day and made it easier to make good food choices. Sensible breakfast, controlled portions at lunch and dinner, and no desserts at all! A couple of crackers with hummus as an afternoon snack was all I had other than main meals. I turned down all offers of wine too. I decided to wear my HRM riding and burned an additional 963 calories during the 2 rides. Consider that super session done smile I’m not sure if it’s the increased fitness or what but I seemed to be riding better than I have in a long time too smile

Today was harder. I woke up with a grumbling stomach and a headache. Apparently my body is now used to higher protein lower gi meals that keep you full and are spread out over the day. Stocking up on carbs 3 times a day just doesn’t keep me sated anymore. On a positive note I didn’t ache as much as I usually do when I haven’t ridden in months. Yes I was saddle sore but muscularly I was fine!

The desserts today looked fabulous but I stayed strong. Until the very last thing this afternoon… Before everyone heads off for the drive home, scones with jam and cream came out. I’d done an estimation of my calories consumed during the day, and I knew it was 3 hours until I could get home and cook dinner (since I refused to do my usual McDonalds stop on the way home) so I had a half a scone with jam and cream. I don’t feel at all guilty about it. I enjoyed every tiny bite. I did not go back and have a 2nd or a 3rd (or more as I would have done in a previous life). I’m considering that a win! Especially as I burned another 600 cals on today’s ride.

My new attitude isn’t just being noticed by my friends either. This afternoon I opted to skip the 2nd ride (saddle soreness is not conducive to maintaining a good seat when riding) and just hang out with the horses that weren’t being ridden. Horses are amazing readers of energy. They are attracted to people with calm yet positive energies. Too much stress, negativity etc and they will turn away from you or just keep their distance.

I’ve hung out in the yard before and watched them from a distance. A couple would come up to investigate me but wouldn’t hang around, and often I would have to walk up to them if I wanted to pet them. Today though, I walked into the yard and several walked straight up to me. They were content to hang out right next to me, resting their heads on my shoulders, nuzzling me, seeking my attention. It was a real buzz! If this the effect this program is having on me it is well worth skipping dessert for!

So overall I’m really happy with how I blended one of my favourite parts of my old life, with the new life I’m making for myself. Yes it was different, but I still had an absolute ball. I may not be that strict with myself every single time I go, but I really needed to see if I could do it this first time and I’m so happy I did.

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