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Weigh In Wednesday

It’s funny how I both look forward to and dread Wednesdays. I look forward to it because I know I’ve done the work – sweated my guts out through the workouts and eaten clean, but dreading it because I still fear that I wont get the results. Today these feelings were heightened as I wasn’t sure how my body would react to all those carbs on the weekend,plus I’ve had a couple of weeks of great results so I think I’m due a small one, but yet I desperately wanted a good result because of the sacrifices I made during the weekend. (I still dream about the berry cheesecake I said no to)

Anyway I jumped on the scales this morning and I’m down 900g! Very happy with that! That really says goodbye to the 90s as I’m 88.6 smile I’m still not sure if I will be able to get to 83 before I go overseas, but I’ll definitely give it my best shot. Looking back on my goal setting task I wanted to lose 3kg per month in the early months to get to my goal of 30kg gone in a year. Well in the 4 weeks since the round started I have lost 3.8kg (and 4.1% of my body weight) so I’m well on track for my long-term goal smile

I also did my measurements and I’m down 18cm including 6cm off my hips which is good smile All up now, since preseason I have lost 10cm off my waist and 13cm off my hips. VERY happy with that. Wish I had taken all of my measurements when I started.

I still struggle with the cardio workouts and haven’t been able to get my running mojo back yet, but I’ll get there. I’m doing the fitness test on Sunday with a group of inner westies. I did the last one on a Sunday too so no problem there. Will be interesting to see the results. I KNOW I’m stronger (although whether I’ll be able to demonstrate that the day after SSS I don’t know hahah), but as to whether my time trial improves I’m not so sure. Fingers crossed.


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