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Fitness Test Progress

This morning I got up at 5.30am (who is this person!?!?!) to do my fitness test. I really wanted to throw the alarm against the wall and go back to sleep (had one of those sleepless nights last night and I don’t function well on less than 2 hours), but I knew if I did that I would skip not only the fitness test but also the first bootcamp I’ve been able to attend in weeks so I got up. It was way too important for me mentally to get to bootcamp this morning.

As some of you may know, I was apprehensive about doing the fitness test. I haven’t been feeling any fitter – in fact lately I’ve felt as if my fitness was going backwards. I was therefor really pleasantly surprised by most of my results. So here they are in all their glory –

1km time trial: – cut 48 sec off my time, and now under 8min. I was happy enough with the time for this one but still disappointed as I’d really wanted to be able to run 1km by now. I know the inflamed ligaments have hampered my progress in running, so I’m hoping that now I have my orthodics and the correct shoes for my foot type that I will be able to do that by the next fitness test. I don’t care if the time is bad next time, I just want to run all of it without walking!

The rest of the test I did after bootcamp as I ran out of time (note I need an hour to do fitness test not 30 min!). Bootcamp was really hard this morning – loads of runs, lunges, pushups and ab exercises so I’m doubly pleased with the following results:-

Pushups: managed 6 on my toes (ok that was annoying as I did 9 on my toes in bootcamp) plus an extra 8 on my knees from last time. It’s a shame the stats page doesnt recognise that the ones on the toes are an improvement (apparently if you improve from 0 you dont improve?) but I can see from this that my upper body strength is improving.

Wall sit: an extra 13 seconds (25% improvement). I reckon if I had done this before bootcamp it would be even more, so very happy there.

Ab strength: this one looks really bad on the stats page – I did it for 24 seconds LESS than last time. What the stats page fails to take into account was that this time I did it on my toes! I PJ held a plank, with correct form, on my toes for 1 min and 6 seconds. For someone who previously had no core strength this is nothing short of a miracle! What’s more it’s my shoulders that seem to give way first on plank so my core is really getting there smile

Sit and reach… well this was either a 1cm or a 16cm improvement. (probably a 1cm improvement as I was already fairly flexible). Since my hammis seem permanently tight these days regardless of how much stretching I do, I’m thrilled with any improvement on this one and am putting it down to having less gut in the way when I lean forward wink

Couple these results with having lost 18cm and 3.8kg in 4 weeks (4.1% of bodyweight) and I am pretty darn happy. I’m keeping everything crossed I can drop a least 600g this week which will bring up 10kg gone for good since I signed up (and 10.2% of bodyweight). I’m hoping then people who don’t know I’m doing the program will start to notice the results.



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