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Another week another kilo :-)

I soooo love this program. Getting on the scales isn’t scary – it’s actually exciting. I wasn’t expecting big numbers and yet there it was another 1.2kg down. 86.1kg. Squealing in my bathroom is becoming a regular thing on Wednesdays.

Next week is going to be harder I know. I have to go away with work for 4 days. I’ll be able to take breakfasts, but lunches are provided (sandwiches most likely, white bread and not with the greatest choice of fillings). Dinners are usually out socialising. I might be able to skip one or 2 but I can’t skip them all. Will have to try to make the healthiest choices I can. It’s going to be really important for me to get my exercise done while I’m away. Up early to get a walk/jog in before the course starts, and then another workout of some sort between the course finishing and dinner. Will be good practice for me before my overseas trip.


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