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Disappointed in myself

I had a work trip this week and I thought I had planned well. I’d packed my workout gear, and my breakfasts for the days I would be away. Things just did not go as planned –


  • Monday: we ended up leaving the office hours later than expected. Result – did not arrive until 7.30. I was starving. Too dark to go for a walk. Positives: when there was no fruit or other healthy options available at the roadhouse we stopped at on the way, I opted to stick to water and not eat even though I was really hungry. I also had packed a 12WBT dinner so had that when we arrived instead of going to the pub for dinner with the others. Negatives: No exercise done at all. Didn’t pack snacks which meant I finished the day at just under 1000 calories.
  • Tuesday: Too tired to get up early and exercise before the course (would have had to be up at 5.30). Course was challenging but good. Positives: ate the 12WBT breakfast I had packed, chose a salad box (no dressing) over sandwiches for lunch, bought bananas for snacks, went for a walk as soon as I got back after the course  (6.5km 1hr 10 min). Negatives: No protein in salad box so had 1/4 chicken sandwich and 1/2 salad box. Couldn’t run as ligaments inflamed again. Went out to turkish restaurant for dinner, drank 1/3 bottle wine and ate heaps including bread and dips.
  • Wednesday: Chose sleep again. Hot day. I was exhausted all day. Positives: Same breakfast and lunch as yesterday. Thats it for the positives 😦 Negatives: Felt hot and bothered at the end of the course so decided to rest on couch for half an hour before going for a walk. Then allowed myself to get distracted. Accepted offer of wine… ate chips, drank wine THEN went out for Thai dinner and drank more wine, and ate stupid amount of food. At least skipped entrees and dessert. Did not end up doing any exercise at all other than 5 min walk to the restaurant 😦
  • Thursday: Am back on track today I think. Had the breakfast I’d packed before driving back to Sydney. Was hungry on the road but waited until i got home and had a 12WBT meal I had in the freezer. I AM going to bootcamp this afternoon and will have a 12WBT meal for dinner. Positives: Not allowing the last couple of days to derail me. I’m back and focussed again. Negatives: didnt exercise this morning… letting myself wait for bootcamp instead of using the free time I had this morning.


So it’s been a less than perfect week so far. I’m not going to let it get me down though. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and face whatever the consequences are. Fingers crossed there isn’t too much damage. I have 2 weeks left before my holiday. I need to stay focussed and on track for that time. 4 days off this weekend so I’m going to use it well. I will eat well, exercise every day AND sort out my spare room at last.



Wish me luck


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