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Mini Milestones and reflections

This week is week 8 of the 12 week body transformation. Weeks 4 and 8 are “mini milestone” weeks where we take measurements in addition to weigh ins, redo the fitness test and basically reassess and see how we are going. I’ve been a bit all over the shop lately. My headspace just isn’t where it was at the start of the round. I’ve allowed myself to slack off a little in regards to exercise – Thank goodness for bootcamp, the sessions I have with members of the Inner Westies and other friends as they are what keep my exercise on track. I know my head isn’t right as I have also been struggling with the food side of things over the last couple of weeks. 2 nights with complete blowouts while I was in Canberra are one thing, but it’s the stuff while I have been at home that is more concerning. Funnily enough, I’m not eating too much – quite the opposite. There are way too many days when I’m under the 1200 calories… and not by a little bit either. There have been days when I have only eaten 800 or 900 calories all day. Some people may think “so what? you’re fat. The less you eat the better!” But my body just doesn’t work that way. It also doesn’t work when I pig out at a dinner and then under eat for a day or 3 to try and make up for it.

My weightloss over the last 2 weeks is kind of reflective of that – 1.3kg total for the last fortnight (600g this week). Prior to that I’ve been averaging a kilo a week (or more) since the round kicked off. I need to get myself back under control. My biggest downfall with food comes in fact from my desire to sleep in. I have never been an early riser, and whilst I set the alarm to get up for work or bootcamp etc, if I don’t have somewhere specific to be I just can’t seem to make myself get out of bed. This morning it was 8.30am before I got up…some days it’s later. Part of it is working shifts. I was always taught sleep while you can as you never know how long the shift will go for (we don’t have set hours). On afternoon shifts it has always been rare for me to be out of bed before 9. When I started this program I was good about getting up when my reminders to exercise beeped and getting on with things, but lately I’ve been sleeping through the reminders or just plain ignoring them. I figure I can exercise “later”. Whilst most of the time I do exercise later (occasionally miss a day) it stuffs up my eating. If I don’t have breakfast until after 9, I’m not usually hungry until lunchtime (if even then) so i miss my morning snack. I usually have my afternoon snack, but then after dinner I find myself with 150 calories or more still to eat and me not being hungry because I’ve just had dinner. Result is I either don’t eat the calories, or I make them up with crap. Chocolate or alcohol being my current crap of choice. I don’t think I’ve ever got to the stage where I am hungry but have run out of calories for the day.  Part of that is because the food on this program is so good – tasty and filling. But I’m afraid it’s also partially because I’m just not spending enough hours in the day being active.


I figured today would also be a good day to do my measurements that are due this week. I’ve actually felt a bit slimmer lately. Yesterday I was laying on my side in bed and rested my arm on my hip and I felt bone. I don’t think I’ve felt bone in my hips since before puberty! So I pulled out the trusty tape measure and started measuring.

Results: Weight – down 600g. Total 13.2kg since i started, 7.6 in 8 weeks.

Chest: down 1cm in last 4 weeks. 2cm total. (that’s ok I kind of like being big busted)

Waist: down 2cm in last 4 weeks, 12cm total. (disappointed with the last 4 weeks change here as I feel like my stomach has been shrinking. Even at my heaviest I have a defined waist though so as of today I have started tracking my top and bottom stomach because I am sure that is shrinking.)

Hips: down 4cm last 4 weeks, 17cm total. (happy days)

Thighs: down 2-3cm each leg 4-6cm total (very happy with this and I think I can actually notice the difference)

Arms: back up to starting measurement. (Not happy. I know I’m getting stronger though so this may be due to the measurement not being taken at the widest point, but instead taken from the bottom of the bicep which wont change as much).

Calf: down 1cm each. Total 2cm each (not a required measurement, but one i’m interested in as I’d love to be able to buy knee high boots from a regular store instead of having to have them made or bought from “big girls” shops.


So a bit of a mixed bag there. There are some positives though. I was reminded by one of my lovely training partners last night, that we have been at this since the beginning of December. It hasn’t just been 8 weeks. Whilst I may have had an occasional slip up, I have always got straight back on track. I honestly think this is the longest I have ever consciously done anything to improve my health and I’m proud of that. I have no intention of giving up. Ever. I have a long way to go to get to my weight loss goals, but I have a firm belief that I will get there. This program isn’t a “quick fix” (although there are definitely people who lose weight on it a lot faster than I have.) It is however something I believe I can sustain for as long as I need to lose weight, and then incorporate into a regular healthy life.

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