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Can’t be disappointed

Today is once again Weigh In Wednesday. I really wanted to have lost 15kg before I fly overseas on Friday. I knew it was a big ask with my small losses the last couple of weeks so I didn’t hold out much hope this morning. Instead I was just hoping for a good loss. I got a little less than I wanted – 900g. I can’t be disappointed with that though. Looking back at the week, I did have those 2 chocolate binges so the fact I lost anything is fabulous. Also, although I may not have lost 15kg, I have lost 14.1kg since I started this journey (14.3% of my body weight), and that is nothing to be sneezed at! Add that to the fact that I can now run 1km without stopping (and outdoors too!) and I am so far from my old self I’m almost unrecognisable! In the 9 weeks since the 12WBT kicked off I have lost 8.5kg or 9.2% of my body weight. I’ve done that whilst still enjoying my life – dinners out, weekends away, lunches with friends etc. Sure I don’t eat out as much as I used to but I haven’t become a recluse – far from it. I’ve also made some great new friends, and spend more time with people than I have in years. It’s just that instead of eating, I spend time with other people exercising. Interesting though, that whenever I have gone to write todays weight down, I’ve started it with a 9 instead of an 8. No idea why. I guess for some reason I am having trouble adjusting to being in the 80s. I’m not far off the 70s so I hope my head catches up soon!

I picked up my visa for China today and as I was flipping through my passport (something I love to do), I looked at the photos. In particular I looked at how round my face used to be. The photos in the passport aren’t even from me at my heaviest! To try and help my headspace I thought I would take a comparison shot. Now I know passport photos are never flattering, so the comparison shot is equally bad – harsh lighting, no makeup etc but I think I can actually see a difference. The photo on the left is from my Brazillian visa. Taken at the end of 2011… when I’d actually lost a bit of weight before travelling. (too scared to actually weigh in though). The pic on the right is me this morning. A long way to go but there are definitely less chins, and a more defined shape around the jawline I think.



7 thoughts on “Can’t be disappointed

    • Thanks Suzi, sometimes, even with the numbers on the scales going down I struggle to see the differences in myself. Photo comparisons like these really help 🙂

  1. You’re going so well! You look a lot younger, you’re only 900 grams away from what you wanted (which is AMAZING) and you’ve put in so much hard work – it’s great to see! 😀 So thrilled for you.

    You will LOVE China – it’s such a crazy place. I wish I was going back with you!!

    • Thanks Tara. I’m pretty excited. Only have a few hours in china unfortunately but long enough to get out of the airport and have a bit of a look around. Most of the trip will be in Europe which is still exciting 🙂 one more sleep!!!

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