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The adventure begins :-)

Today is the big day! I’m off on my trip. I had an extra weigh in this morning so I know exactly where I am starting my trip from weigh in wise. I had wanted to get to 15kg lost by the time I left. Well as of this morning I have lost 14.9kg so I’m taking that as a WIN! i can’t wipe the grin off my face 🙂

I had an awesome bootcamp last night with loads of boxing (I even volunteered for extra boxing rounds as we had uneven numbers… yes me the girl who used to think she hated any form of exercise!). Only downside to bootcamp was that it completely undid the fabulous job the hairdresser did with my hair hahahahah (oh well colour is still good) and it left me too tired to pack. Lucky for me I have a late start at work today so was able to pack this morning. It seems I pack differently now. Yes there are still 2 bottles of wine in there (gifts for the friend who is putting me up in London), but there are also, gym shoes, a resistance band, HRM, workout clothes and even a measuring tape for week 12 measure up task! Never before have I packed workout clothes for a holiday. Never. What’s more not only are they packed but I have EVERY intention of using them! Space in my backpack is way to valuable to pack something I wont use.

I just weighed my backpack. It weighs 16.4kg. If I took the 2 bottles of wine out, it would weigh the amount I have lost. There is a bizarre concept. That thing is HEAVY! And huge! (well ok by backpack standards it’s not massive – 65L but still it’s not small). Now I know fat is denser than clothing etc, but still when I look at that backpack, and think I have lost THAT much weight it totally blows my mind. I can’t help but be proud of myself and it really spurs me on keep going and get the rest off. I highly recommend finding a visual representation of the weight you lose. It can really help if you have trouble accepting what you have actually achieved.

I’m not sure how my internet access will be while I’m travelling, but I will endeavour to update when I can. I probably won’t be able to weigh in, but I will measure up and report in on the training I get done. I hope I will be even smaller and fitter by the time I get home!

The basic essentials. All I need to keep my fitness up while I travel - well that and willpower!

The basic essentials. All I need to keep my fitness up while I travel – well that and willpower!

This bag weighs basically what I have lost... and it is HEAVY!

This bag weighs basically what I have lost… and it is HEAVY!


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