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Challenges of long haul air travel

Arrived in England after a long 22hours plus in the air. I’ve discovered that after eating predominantly clean for the last 9 weeks that poorly cooked, over seasoned, pre packaged food really doesn’t agree with me anymore, especially when combined with a pressurized cabin. Whilst I managed to sleep most of the first (9 hour) flight, the second one (13 1/2 hours) proved incredibly uncomfortable. Not only was my stomach totally bloated, I found my body just doesn’t like to sit still for that long anymore. – this from someone who’s movement pattern prior to 12WBT could have been likened to a sloth!

Friday I managed to keep my calories under control for the day. I opted for steamed scallop and vegetable dumplings for dinner at the airport. Idid have a small glass of red wine when I got on the plane (to celebrate and to help me sleep) but after that it was water all the way. Not sure how many calories I’ve eaten over the last 24 hours though. Plane food is not only crap it is hard to count. I tried to opt for the healthier meal choices, but I did have the bread rolls that came with the meals – mainly because I was hungry. The serving sizes are small (good thing) but there was very little protein or vegetables. Most if the tray was starch. 😦 I didn’t make a great choice for my first meal in England though – curry. I let the girl I’m staying with choose it and we ended up with a creamy, nutty one. I did keep my portion size small though and instead of washing it down with wine, I stuck to water.

I think that’s the way I’m going to deal with food a lot of the time – portion sizes. For me, part of the joy of travelling is experiencing all the local specialties. Indian curries are a big thing in England so of course I wanted to try one. I’ll also be going for a pub meal or 2 while I’m here and trying the pork sausages or pork pies or whatever is recommended. I’m not going to feel guilty about it either. I don’t want that sort of a relationship with food. I’m just going to control how much of it I eat and make sure I move my body

To that end, this morning, when I woke up, I started the day with 10 push ups (toes), 30 crunches, 20 bicep curls with resistance band, 20 tricep things with resistance band (both each arm) and 30 squats. I’d like to have gone for a walk / run but my host is still asleep and I don’t yet have a key to get back in to the apartment. I’ll be doing a fair bit of walking today so that should help too. Hopefully if I start every day with that little routine (or similar) I won’t lose too much strength.

Anyway I’m off to start the day and check out the London zoo!


4 thoughts on “Challenges of long haul air travel

  1. I love your attitude to food! You’re so right – it’s not about overindulging on everything, or about depriving yourself of everything and sticking to carrot sticks. It’s about sensible decisions, portion control, etc so great to hear you putting it into practice!

    Hope London Zoo is fun – be sure to take many pictures!

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