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Keep calm and Carry On – Back to reality

I arrived back home this morning after my fabulous trip. I had had the best of intentions to exercise once I got back to England, however I broke my toe on my last night in Casablanca (accidently kicked the bed leg) so walking was painful enough – running was just not going to happen. I’ve faced the scales. I’ve put on 3kg during the trip. ok. I can accept that. I ate and drank anything and everything and did stuff all in regards to exercise. I enjoyed every moment of my trip but I let my self discipline disappear. That is the result. I’m not going to let it stress me out. I’m home again so that means back into my routine.

Luckily I have a couple of meals in the freezer as I have no tie to do the shopping before I go back to work and I really dont want the bad eating to continue now I’m home. Toe is still out of shape but nowhere near as painful so I should be able to get straight back into the exercise too without using that as an excuse. Round 2 starts today, and whilst I am a little behind on preseason tasks and preparation I feel ready to take on the round. I’ve done my measuring (funnily enough only increased waist size – the rest were down from Week 8, Rnd 1). I’m planning on doing the fitness test on Wednesday morning as I have nanna duties tomorrow and otherwise time is taken up with work. Bootcamp should be on for Saturday and the fab ladies I worked out with in my local area last round are keen to keep it up this round. I will also join a gym this round to help keep me motivated on dark cold/wet/rainy winters days when id rather sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

Goals for this round:

Lose 10kgs including the 3 I’ve just put on (to bring total lost to 22kg)

Run 2km without stopping. (am hoping I can still run 1km)

Keep consistent with the food for the full 12 weeks (allowing myself a little leeway for my 40th birthday weekend towards the end of the round)

Do 20 full pushups.

Stay positive and not let the “I’m back home” blues get me down and sabotage my efforts

Great motto for me this round

Great motto for me this round

by the end of the trip I was looking like a porker!

by the end of the trip I was looking like a porker!

stone henge camel



4 thoughts on “Keep calm and Carry On – Back to reality

  1. Yay photos! Your trip looks like it was ridiculous fun! 🙂 Don’t stress about the small gain, think about all that you’ve lost and now that you’re back into routine all that you will lose. Glad you made it home safe and hope your toe gets better soon!

  2. Thanks Tara. I did have a ball 🙂 In all honesty the gain is less than I was expecting given the drinking and the stodgy food I was eating. Hopefully it will come off as quickly as it went on now that I’m back home and can get back into routine!

  3. Your 40th birthday … What?!? You’re looking fab! Sounds like you’re in the right headspace with your ‘holiday gain’ Goodluck for round 2 🙂

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