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Surprises on the scales

Last week I had a huge loss. I figured that was the plane bloat and extra fluid I was holding due to eating heaps of salt and other less than healthy foods while I was on holidays. Since I’ve been home I’ve eaten pretty well (apart from a big red flag weekend) but had only managed to exercise on 3 days. I was therefore hoping for a loss but expecting only about 500g if I was lucky. Imagine my surprise then when I stepped on the scales and saw that I had dropped 2.3kg!!! That’s huge. Not counting last week, that’s my biggest loss ever. I’m thinking there was a bit of leftover fluid and maybe my body has gone into shock at eating clean again. Either way I don’t care. It’s awesome!!! Added to that my scales say I’ve lost 2% fat. Happy days 🙂 those are the same scales that 2 months ago would measure my fat at all because there was too much of it.

The only downside is how it effects other people. I know it’s hard not to compare yourself to others (I struggled during round 1 preseason I remember), but when people complain about a loss of 800gm and think its terrible and want to throw in the towel because its not as big as those like mine, it makes me feel bad for sharing and takes some of the gloss off. I’d like us to celebrate every achievement, no matter how big or small. Sure some weeks the numbers aren’t massive (although really I think 800g is huge) but the effort that went into getting those results are just as big. Bodies just don’t work according to some magical formula especially female bodies. Some will lose small numbers on the scales but massive inches. Others lose more on the scales and less on the tape measure. Some get big results on both and for others it’s slow going all the way. Everyone is on their own journey. It’s a journey not a race. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get there first, what matters is that we pick up our feet day after day, step after step and keep going. I know it might seem really easy for me to say when I’m sitting on a really big loss this week but I mean it. Next week I’m expecting a small number, maybe even less than 500g – that’s the way my body usually works, but I will celebrate that as well as celebrating with those who lose big numbers. I hope that others continue on their journey they start to feel the same about the scales. Any loss is a good loss. Even of there is no loss, the scales are but one indicator of the changes we are making. Celebrate ALL the accomplishments – increased fitness, sticking to the meal plan, being in control of food instead of it controlling us, running further / faster, doing more push-ups etc.

On the subject of push-ups, really pleased to say I’ve kept up and am now halfway through Michelle’s 300 push up challenge this week. Not always easy, especially to do them on top of regular training, but I’ve done them and most of them on my toes even though I’m only “required” to do them on knees.

Here’s hoping the positivity flows into the next week 🙂 and congratulations to EVERYONE for their amazing achievements on and off the scales this week.


3 thoughts on “Surprises on the scales

  1. Congrats on the loss, that’s fantastic! If other people choose to compare themselves to you, that doesn’t make it your fault 🙂 Be loud & proud of your achievements always!

  2. I know what you mean about the whole “big loss/small loss” and comparison thing. I did Round 1, and lost 6.5 kg, which was hard work but what made it harder was that I lost a whole lot in the preseason, and then struggled to get “big” losses each week – I on average lost 200g a week? But each loss is a loss and a victory to be had! 😀

    So you should celebrate your surprising loss this week, and then celebrate the one next week, and the one the week after that too! 🙂

  3. Thankyou ladies. I am very proud of my results this week. I just wish it didn’t make other people feel bad. Not going to let it detract from my success though, especially as next week is likely to be a MUCH smaller number. Going to celebrate while I can hahaha

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