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The benefits of training buddies

I will admit it. I don’t love exercise. I don’t jump out of bed in the morning thinking YAY time to get the blood pumping and the heart racing (actually I can think of FAR more enjoyable ways to do both!) For me every exercise session is a JFDI session. For that reason my workout buddies are absolutely invaluable. I may let myself down sometimes by not training but I will never pike on a training session I have promised to do with someone else. On the rare occassion they dont turn up, I figure I’m there anyway and do the session.

This weekend I was once again reminded of how wonderful training buddies are, and of how lucky I am to have the support network I do. I am still struggling a bit with sleeping and want nothing more at 6am than to roll over and go back to sleep. Its cold out, and dark and what sane person gets out of bed at that time if they dont have to? Me apparently. Saturday morning was bootcamp. Every Saturday morning I feel like rolling over and going back to sleep but I dont. I’ve promised people I will be there so I go. There was a part of me (a very large part of me) that hoped it was raining this Sat morning so I could sleep in, but it wasnt so I dragged my sorry butt out of bed before i could think about it and turned up. We had a fabulous boxing session and I burned 533 cals I would not have if I had stayed in bed. Not my biggest burn sure, but I know I gave it everything as I had complete jelly legs by the end of it!

Sat afternoon I headed up to my brothers place and spent the afternoon running around with my 4yo niece. It is nice to be able to keep up with her energy levels a lot better than I used to. I still had 100 of this weeks push up challenge left so I did some while I was there. It was so cute watching my niece (aka Mini Me) trying to copy me. She can’t do them on her toes but she smashed them out on her knees 🙂 Even my brother was impressed that I was able to do “guys pushups”. With their encouragement I managed another 50 in spite of aching shoulders from Friday night’s pump class and the morning boxing session.

Normally I use the hour + drive each way as an excuse to stay up there, (and eat and drink too much) and skip training in the morning. This week though I had committed to meeting some people for a double lap of the bay on Sunday morning. (Yes thats right DOUBLE!). There was a moment when my niece begged me to stay that I felt like cancelling, but I held strong and came home. I’m so glad I did!

Woke up this morning to glorious sunshine and met the girls at the bay. We did the first 6 and a bit km pretty easy pace (some of us faster than others and the only run was across the iron cove bridge) and then met up for breakfast. (I was good poached eggs and 1 piece of toast). The 2nd lap, we decided we would interval run. I teamed up with a couple of newbies who are doing their first round and we basically broke up the bay into chunks. Our intervals werent timed or measured, but we were consistent. I actually figure the new girls are fitter than I am they just dont know it yet! We all pushed each other along, and by the end I had SMASHED my old PB by around 5 minutes! We did the 7km in 1hr and 2 minutes. I thought we might have got the 1 hour at one point, but there just wasnt enough left in the tank. By the end, we had walked and ran 14km in 2hr and 14 minutes. I had burned 1178 calories. (Super SUNDAY Session!) and the second lap we’d averaged around 8 and a half minutes per km which for me is pretty fast! (I usually do 9 – 10min). Teaming up with the others was inspiring and motivating. The enthusiasm of people just starting out on their journey is infectious and I find it really rejuvenated me. Without my training buddies I would have a) Not got out of bed or b) only done 1 lap and c) not pushed myself to run as much as I did! I even managed to finished the 300 push up challenge while stretching after the bay. YAY!!!! Now just have to start the 800 step up challenge.

So here it is lunch time Sunday and I feel like I’ve really accomplished something exercise wise this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I am sore… oh boy am  I sore and it’s going to be worse tomorrow, but I am also incredibly satisfied. Im also looking forward to enjoying my dinner out tonight with no guilt!

I hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend and gets out to enjoy the gorgeous sunshine!


6 thoughts on “The benefits of training buddies

  1. I’m so happy that you’ve got training buddies to motivate/push you forward. My boyfriend is my training buddy and I think that I would find this all so much harder without someone there doing it with me. Congrats on smashing your PB and on finishing the weekly challenge!!

  2. That’s such an encouragement! Well done on the Super Sunday Session – I’ve been meaning to do the bay run for quite a while now with a few friends who live in Dulwich Hill. I’m super inspired by your efforts to give it a go and try do it twice now! Do it 3 times and that’s a half marathon almost! 🙂

    And yes I’m exactly the same. Horrible at going alone, but can’t seem to let down others when it comes to exercise

    • Definitely give it a go Tara. It’s mainly flat so a good way to try out distance. 2 laps is the same as the city to surf so a couple of the girls were doing it to see how they went the distance. Now they know they can do 14km they are super pumped for the S2S 🙂

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