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Positive vibes and the things they inspire you to

Sorry for missing Wednesday’s post – I’ve been without internet at home for the last week grrr. It has been a very interesting week though. Weigh in Wednesday saw me gain for the first time since starting this journey (not counting the holiday weight gain). I was up 200g. Now the old PJ would have been devastated by that, maybe thrown a bit of a tanty and stuffed my face with comfort food. Good thing I’ve changed! I was able to rationalise it in my head, realising that the previous two weeks were abnormally high losses and my body just needed to balance out. I know my nutrition and exercise were good (not perfect by any means but not bad enough to result in a gain) so I just accepted the number for what it was – a number and moved on. 

This week I trialled a new gym. I got a free 3 day pass off their website and used it to full advantage – attending classes on all 3 days. Most important for me was a Kimax class. The Inner Westies (aka the pink ladies) have been raving about these classes and i really wanted to try it out. For those that have never heard of it, it’s basically where you have a free standing large padded cylinder and you punch, elbow, knee and kick it in time to music. It is a GREAT workout and FANTASTIC for stress relief! I was hooked straight up. Forgot to wear my HRM so not sure how many calories I burned but I worked out almost to the point of vomiting so I know I worked hard! What made the class even better for me was the unexpected surprise of having 5 other Inner Westies in the class! We made up over half the room! That sealed my decision that this was the gym for me. The classes suit what I want to do for 12WBT and I can fit them around my shifts (when I’m not running nanna around and on those days I can do the super early classes). For the rest of my trial period I did  a pump and a yoga class. I wanted to see if I would enjoy classes when I didn’t know anyone, and whilst they werent quite as fab as the Kimax class I still enjoyed them. So on Friday I joined the gym. I am a gym member and will be a regular gym attendee. 🙂

Friday was also my second session with the inner westies who are doing couch to 10km. The session was full on, very short rest breaks (20 – 40sec) but I managed to do all the runs without stopping! I was really impressed with myself as the circuits ranged from 400m to 1km in length. I’m not 100% sure but I think in the hour session there was less than 5 min rest. Sure I’m not as fast as the other girls, but I am SO much better than I was when i started this journey (and couldn’t run 50m!). I seem to be getting some of my strength back too. At bootcamp on Saturday I felt strong doing my pushups on my toes and taking the harder options when offered. It was interesting for me as we had a few newbies attend and I could see where I’d come from watching them.

To top off an awesome week I caught up with a few friends last night and was bowled over by all the compliments I received! Everyone was saying how good I’m looking and how the weight loss is really noticeable. I was even told I’m “glowing” from the inside! I felt fantastic. A little self conscious still (I didn’t like being the central topic of conversation for at least half an hour after each new person arrived!) but its nice to have my hard work noticed. We also got to talking about my 40th birthday which is coming up. I’ve been avoiding organising anything as previously when I’ve done so, noone has turned up, or people cancel at the last minute and it turns out really stressful for me. High on the compliments last night (and possibly with a bit of a vodka buzz – calories counted) I decided to put some feelers out and set up an event for my birthday. I was thinking I could get maybe half a dozen people together for a dinner and dancing. Well so far 20 people are attending!! None are family either as I will do them on a separate night. May have to rethink the venue at this rate! I’m completely floored that this many people like me enough to want to attend and celebrate with me.

I’ve also just committed to do the Raw Challenge in September. 6km and 30 obstacles. I’m excited, nervous, scared, thrilled, motivated and inspired all rolled into one. Definitely gives me something to train for! Who’d have thought I would ever even consider something like that! Bring on Sept 28! http://www.rawchallenge.com.au/


3 thoughts on “Positive vibes and the things they inspire you to

  1. Such a positive post! It sounds like you’re having a blast all around and it’s so great that people are noticing how good you are looking! Also great attitude about your 200g gain and your whole week! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Woo hoo! Sounds like even though you had a discouraging weigh-in, there have been lots of other things to pick you up again and spur you on! Sounds like your 40th birthday is going to be super exciting 🙂

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