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Week 4 weigh in and mini Milestones

Yesterday was the all important (or really not so important) weekly weigh in. I had hoped to get into the 70s but it wasn’t to be. Missed it by 500 grams. Am I disappointed? Hell no! I have lost 17.5kg this year  or almost 18% of my bodyweight and that is AWESOME. People are even starting to notice and to comment positively on how I’m looking. I got complimented by the two women at work who are NEVER nice to me! Whats more they seemed sincere.  More importantly I feel fantastic. I seem to have a better relationship with exercise this round. I’ve accepted the fact that I prefer to be around other people when I’m sweating my butt off. I also like variety in my workouts. So now my schedule looks like this:

Mondays: Cycle or RPM class

Tuesdays: outdoor 12WBT toning session with the gorgeous girls in my local area, or kimax class if its raining for morning shift weeks and body pump class on afternoon shift weeks

Wednesdays: Kimax on morning shift, Body combat on afternoons shift

Thursdays: Body pump on morning shift, Kimax on afternoon shift

Fridays: run club whenever possible, and Yoga

Saturdays: bootcamp + run/walk or 12WBT SSS gym machines

Sundays: REST

Of course sometimes life gets in the way. eg Last night State of Origin was on and I had plans with friends so couldn’t make my Kimax class. I also worked later than planned. Old PJ would have skipped training all together, and to be honest I did consider that. New PJ however thought any workout is better than no workout, and so went to the gym and did most of the 12WBT cardio gym machine session for the day. I didnt have time for the whole thing but I did do 50 min (skipped final blast and stretches) and burned just under 500 cals. I was so glad I went. I could have finished the session, but I decided it was more beneficial that I go home and have dinner prior to going out rather than eating at the pub. I consider that a successful day – long shift at work, + workout + ate well + enjoyed a great night out with my friends and didn’t feel I was missing out (plus the Blues won so it was awesome 😉 )

Week 4 also saw me doing my measurements. From the 5 areas the 12WBT keeps track of I’ve lost 12cm. Happy with that. Even happier with the extra measurements I keep track of myself – a whopping 25cm gone! Mainly from around my stomach (I measure top, waist and “apron”). No wonder I need new belt holes.

This weekend I have a challenge for myself. I’m joining some of the Inner Westies to do the 18km walk from Taronga Zoo to Manly, including a bunch of hills and stairs. It’s slated as suitable for “intermediate to advanced fitness”. Will be so proud of myself if I can get through it all without holding anyone up! Wish me luck

Just cause its short doesnt mean I dont work HARD

Just cause its short doesnt mean I dont work HARD


4 thoughts on “Week 4 weigh in and mini Milestones

    • Thanks Emily. I guess I’m not stressed because I know it will happen. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind on that front at all. Actually after today I think I could conquer the world hahaha

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