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Fantastic weekend

What a weekend! A few weeks ago I signed up to do a walk with my local 12WBT group. I didn’t really look at what was involved other than to check I wasn’t working and had nothing else on that day. I thought it would make an interesting change from bootcamp for 1 week and be a nice social event. A few days beforehand I had another look… “18km”… ok I thought. I’ve done 14 around the Bay, an extra 4 should be fine… “suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness”… ummm I know I signed up for intermediate this round but I really think I’m more “beginner to intermediate” what have I signed up for?… a bit more reading…. “allow 5 hours”…. hang on what!?!??! Its 18km. I can walk at 6km an hour… surely it should only be a little over 3 hours?… people were also mentioning stairs. Fair to say that by the day of the event I was a little nervous. Determined, but nervous. One of my ‘fears” is of holding other people up. I hate being the slowest and having other people have to wait for me because I’m the fat one, the unfit one. Correction WAS the fat, unfit one. I’m a lot fitter than I used to be, and 17kg lighter. I decided to ignore the fear and just do it. I know the people in this group. They are supportive. They wont mind if I’m a bit slow, they applaud anyone for giving it a go.

Saturday dawned a little cloudy but with no rain in the forecast. I donned my “Pink Lady” (inner westie top) ready to face the hike. We all met at Taronga Zoo and set off up the hill. I had kind of hoped for a nice gentle downhill or at least flat start, but it was not to be. Start as you mean to finish so off we went. The fitter people in the group set what felt like a cracking pace (probably wasn’t though I just hadnt woken up yet!) but after a while I settled into it and started enjoying the gorgeous scenery around Sydney Harbour. I won’t lie, a couple of bits were hard – some of those stairs seemed to go on forever, and when I say stairs, I mean stairs built for giants. Those things were huge! Overall though it wasn’t too bad. I kept up with the others, and even managed to jog a little bit in a few places (funnily enough during the last few kms jogging was less painful than walking). Speaking of the last few kms, it seems 18kms was optimistic. The walks was actually 20km long. I did it in 4 hours and 34 minutes including some stops for photos, and for everyone to regroup etc. I was so proud when I got to the end. It was my first real “mini milestone” event. My muscles ached but I didn’t care. I just enjoyed the sense of achievement and that I had done it with these wonderful, supportive and inspiring people. Only disappointment was that when we stopped for a short break at the halfway point, I had accidentally stopped my HRM while trying to pause it, so I didnt have the full calorie number to photograph. I do know however that I burned 2274 calories on that walk and that is freakin AWESOME!

I was a tad concerned about how doing the walk Saturday might effect my fitness test on Sunday. I pulled up WAY better than expected though. A little stiff in the hips and glutes (stairs grrrr) but otherwise fine. Whats more I SMASHED my fitness test:

Time trial – 15sec faster,

pushups – 10 more on my toes and only 3 less on my knees so huge improvement,

plank – 28 sec longer

flexibility – improved 1cm

wall sit – 6 seconds less but after the effort my quads put in yesterday I am not disappointed in the slightest with that effort!

Yep overall I’m calling that a great weekend fitness wise 🙂

Some of the people on the Taronga to Manly walk about 1/3 of the way through

Some of the people on the Taronga to Manly walk about 1/3 of the way through

So proud of this. Burn baby BURN

So proud of this. Burn baby BURN


2 thoughts on “Fantastic weekend

  1. Hey that’s so awesome! Well done! I admire anyone who can go out and accomplish these kinds of things, so great job. And how good does it feel knowing you conquered it! 😀

  2. It felt awesome Tara! And it felt even better when I saw my fitness test results on Sunday and ran the whole Bay on Monday. Huge week for me fitness wise 🙂

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