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You can’t have a lifestyle change without having a life!

I have a massive social weekend this weekend. Everywhere I look there are red flags, not just red flags either these are gigantic red brick walls. Family dinner Friday night, Christmas in July (with all the trimmings and no doubt loads of wine) Saturday night, Middle Eastern banquet brunch on Sunday, and then the VIP Marquee food buffet at Cavalia on Sunday afternoon. That’s what happens when you work every second weekend – the weekends off are absolutely crammed full. I could have declined some invitations, but really I didn’t want to, and it was a momentary lapse of access to a calendar that meant I had them all on the same weekend. But as I keep saying, you can’t have a lifestyle change without having a life. This is my life. I LOVE food. I love socialising over food with my friends. I also love the changes that are happening to my body as a result of the 12WBT. The trick is to successfully combine the two.

Given the excessive nature of the weekend, I’m not expecting anything great on the scales next week (especially since their lacklustre response to my eat clean train mean week the week before!) I am however determined to not have a gain. To that end I’ve been training hard and eating super clean the rest of the time. Funny thing about training – the first half of the week things are great. I feel good I can train hard. I had that absolutely fantastic Kimax session on Wednesday night. Come Thursdays though I seem to hit a wall. I feel sorry for my bootcamp trainer who had to put up with my constant moaning on Thursday night. Friday morning’s run club was a nightmare. After 3 loops of just over 1km each loop (and a rest between each loop) I was ready to throw up and feeling dizzy. I mean really! I can run 7km FFS, 3 should have been easy! I opted out of the last loop – something I have NEVER done at run club. Saturday morning’s bootcamp was just as hard, luckily there was a lot of boxing which I love but I even struggled with that. 590 cals for bootcamp this morning. Sometimes I’d let myself off with that. Not this weekend though. With all those events I had to do my SSS, so after fighting the crowds at Aldi for new gym gear, and stocking up on fresh fruit and veggies at the markets, I met a couple of other Pink Ladies and tackled the Bay.

Now I know running 7km after a bootcamp session is always going to be hard for me. But it seems every time I run the bay it gets harder. First time, it was unexpected and I was so excited by what I was doing it felt easy. 2nd time was with the run club at 6am on a cold wet morning, I didnt start to feel it until around the 5km mark. 3rd time was the following day and after bootcamp and in the rain so I didn’t expect it to be easy but it started off painful, loosened up in the middle and then hurt again around 5-6km. Today was stupid. Breathing never really got under control from the get go. The girls were setting a good pace but it didn’t feel too fast – just fast enough to push ourselves a bit. Well until we got to the top of the hill and I could hardly breathe, then at the 4.5km mark I got a stitch, right in the top of my ribcage. Agony. I couldn’t stop though. The girls were awesome! They slowed the pace down a bit to try and help me get my breathing sorted so I could try to breathe through the stitch. I just kept setting little mini goals – just to the end of the bridge, just to the cafe, just to the rowing club, almost home don’t stop – that sort of thing. My (now) trademark big finish was sadly lacking but I did manage to pick the pace up slightly for the last couple of hundred meters. I’ve never been so glad to see the end! I was even happier to see our time – 52min 16 sec! That’s a PB by around 5 min! I’m sure if it wasn’t for that stitch we would have gone close to a sub 50! Something to aim for in the future I guess. If the girls hadn’t been with me pushing me, encouraging me and supporting me I would have stopped when I got that stitch. They’ve both said they wouldn’t have run the whole thing without the rest of us being there either. Together though we are unstoppable and I am so ridiculously proud of all of us 🙂 Not proud of my calorie burn though – only 456! It felt so hard I thought I deserved closer to 600. Oh well it is what it is and it does take my burn for the day to 1050 and THAT is a good number 🙂

So that’s how I’m trying to make my new life work. I’m not giving up the things I love, but I’m finding new things I love (like running – even when it hurts I feel AWESOME after its done) and I’m using the exercise to balance off the indulgences. It may not be perfect and it will no doubt slow down my weight loss results, but for me this is a marathon not a sprint… and I’m damn well not stopping until I cross that finish line! (even then I think I’ll just keep running 🙂 )


Bay Run PB


One thought on “You can’t have a lifestyle change without having a life!

  1. I loved reading this blog post! It’s so awesome the way you really get out there and even though you know it’s going to be a super social weekend you just train so hard to prepare for it! It makes me so excited for you and inspired to do so myself!

    Sorry for the late reply – am catching up after being away for a while! 😀

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