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A week of achievements and surprises :-)

Last week I was a bit down about stalled weight loss and no changes on the tape measure. On the weekend though I met up with some of the fabulous Inner Westie crew to do our fitness tests. The day did not start well… our regular 1km route was waterlogged so we had to find an alternative. Once we’d sorted that out (what did we do before smart phones with GPS apps???) we were ready to go. I was feeling good all dressed up in my brand new workout gear picked up at the Aldi sale (I figure it wont fit for long so why spend a lot of $$$?). Big mistake. As the pants started to slip down over my (still voluptuous) rear end within the first 10m and the shirt proceeded to ride up, I realised the folly of doing a fitness test in untested gear. I did attempt to run whilst holding them up in order to save the people behind me from a horrendous surprise, but I am not that talented. I had to abort the run and walked back to pick up everyone elses gear and meet them at the finish line. I was so thrilled to hear all their times as everyone had done a PB, but I did lament what might have been. The girls I usually run around the same pace as had done sub 6min or just a few sec over. My previous time was 6:27. If i had worn old trusted clothes I might have gone close to 6 min!

Oh well. We moved on to the rest of the test which thankfully I could complete without being arrested for indecent exposure. I was totally thrilled with my results: – an extra push up on my toes and an extra 10 on my knees, an extra 21 sec on my wall sit, and an extra 25 sec on my plank. I even managed to squeeze out an extra cm on my stretch test. Happy days! Add to that the PB I had done running the Bay the day before (52:16 for 7km YEAH BABY!) and I was back to feeling fantastic about how far I’ve come.

Monday I woke up not feeling fab. I skipped the early morning spin class and went for an 8km walk with a friend instead. Even that had me breathing hard. I needed to do that 1km time trial though, so after the walk when i was nice and warm I headed back to the park. As I was walking to the start point I realised I had never before run 1km non stop on my own. It really started playing with my head. I did try telling myself “well this will be the first time” but I wasn’t feeling confident. Confidence fell further as I started to run. By 300m I could hardly breathe. Every step hurt. I wasn’t sure I would be able to complete it. I made a pact with myself though that I would at least get to the car which was roughly half way and that if I needed to stop then i would and come back when I felt better (and had company). I wasn’t quite dead at 500m though and I really wanted to just get it over with and break the solo running hoodoo so I kept going. I didn’t have much left at the end to sprint like I usually do but I gave it everything I had. When I finished I hit the pause on the timer/HRM and collapsed on a bench struggling to breathe. I couldn’t even focus enough to see my time. Eventually though I recovered enough to see straight on OMG what a sight to see! 6:03!!! A 24 sec PB… ON MY OWN! Absolutely THRILLED with that!

I was riding on that high all day even though the flu hit me like a ton of bricks a couple of hours later. Somewhere in my delirium I also thought it might be a good idea to sign up for the 10km run in the Melbourne Marathon festival in October. A bunch of Inner Westies had done the GC at various differences (including some marathons!) and I was inspired by them and wanted to experience something like that (including the post run celebrations) for myself… plus there was the lure of a nice shiny medal… for a sport! I’ve never achieved anything sportswise before so that was pretty powerful. SO Ive done it. I’m registered in the 10km. At the moment I’m aiming to finish it in 1hr 20 min. Yes its slow but 8min kms over 10ks seems achievable. faster doesnt. The Asics training program seems to think I can do it in 1hr 4 min. Thankfully there is no maximum time for the course. I’ll just get overtaken by other runners from other distances. I’m used to that 🙂

With the flu knocking me for 6 I wasn’t holding out much hope for this mornings weigh in. I ate a ton over the weekend and haven’t been able to train since that 1km run. Hardly enough to counteract the damage. I was totally shocked then to jump on the scales and see I’d lost 800g. That OFFICIALLY means I’ve lost over 20kgs. YES!!!!! At last! Been knocking on the door for a few weeks so very happy to finally break that barrier 🙂 That’s also about half way to what I need to lose. Now to work on the next 5. Somehow goals just don’t seem impossible anymore




6 thoughts on “A week of achievements and surprises :-)

  1. Well done PJ! Your PB for the 1km time trial is great. The 10km run will be fine. There will be lots of people at your pace and slower so just enjoy the run and how far you’ve one with your fitness. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • Thanks Cathyn. I’m looking forward to the 10k. Starting to feel better too. Met with the girls at run club this morning and did about 5km in 1km intervals. Didn’t feel fantastic but I didn’t die either so looking up 🙂

  2. Oh yay! Well done with the loss – that’s goodbye forever to those 20kg! So happy for you PJ 😀 I think the flu has knocked everyone about lately, I’ve been hammered by it as well – hope you are recovering/have recovered well! 😀

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