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My SSS – Struggling, Stuffed and Surprised

Some days you just don’t feel like it. This has been a crap week as far as I’m concerned. I caught some stupid bug and spent days laying on the couch doing nothing… oh except eating. Chocolate and carbs were my weapons of choice in this self sabotaging, comfort food craving misery wallowing week. To “make up for it” I didn’t eat much of anything else at all. Really great way to help your body fight infection and recover quickly – NOT. Anyway I dragged my sorry, somewhat flabbier butt back to work on Friday and ended up having to walk about 10km around town. At least it was a start. Saturday, as much as I really wanted to stay in bed, I forced myself to go to bootcamp. Really you can only wallow so long right? I did take it a little easy (sprints brought on coughing fits) but at least I did the session. Struggled yes, (seriously it’s ridiculous how much strength you can lose in a week!) but at least i did it. Getting through bootcamp also helped me keep my food on track a little better on Saturday too.

Now I hadn’t really done a run all week. According to my Asics training plan (http://my.asics.com.au) I was meant to do 2 x 5km runs this week to keep up with my training for the 10km in October. I’d piked on Wednesdays one due to illness (probably could have run but I was using every excuse under the sun) so I thought I really HAD to do todays. I procrastinated all morning (seriously i was prioritising housework over running and I HATE housework!) but eventually I won the argument and headed down to the bay. Running did NOT feel good. I bargained with myself though and said i could take it slow and stop after 5km if i wanted to but i just had to run that first 5km. I use the Endomondo app on my phone to track my distance and splits as I haven’t forked out the $$$ for a GPS heart rate monitor yet. Every 1km it tells me how I’m going pace wise etc.  I wasn’t really listening to it today, but was just mentally checking off the kms whenever I heard the voice emanating from my arm and just continuing the internal argument about getting to 5km. Now i don’t know whether to love or hate my app. I heard the 1km, 2km, 3km, and 4km check ins. But I didn’t hear the 5km one. I know roughly where 5km is on my route but I’d promised myself i would not stop running until I heard the marker. It was a conspiracy I swear as there was no 5km call. So I kept running. I can’t see thephone when I’m running as I wear it on my upper arm, and I wanted to have an exact distance and time to enter into my training program so without the marker there was no real option to stop. I did hear the 6km one, but by then I was almost finished and really when there is only 1km to go and you’ve made it 1km further than you’d planned you can’t stop! So i just kept running. Felt like rubbish and didn’t do my usual print finish, but did try to pick up the pace a little.

End result was I finished the bay in 49:37. A new PB by 37sec and my first time under 50 minutes! When I ran the bay for the first time a month or 2 ago 9in about 58min) i dreamed of getting under 50 min and hoped to do it by the end of the year, and hear I was smashing that goal! My head was spinning and I wanted to throw up but I’m absolutely thrilled with the time.

Just goes to show, that sometimes when you just aren’t feeling it, your body surprises you and you get great results 🙂

Stuffed but elated after the run

Stuffed but elated after the run


4 thoughts on “My SSS – Struggling, Stuffed and Surprised

    • thanks Chelsea. I’m grateful that my week of wallowing wasn’t longer and that it hasn’t reflected too badly on the scales. I think that PB this morning was the perfect tonic. I feel back on track and haven’t even wanted crap today 🙂

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