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the return of DOMS

Wednesday’s weigh in was another pleasant surprise. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my body responds to eating well and moving more. Down 1kg in only a couple of days! That puts me at only 100gm more than I weighed on the morning of my birthday and given the amount of calories consumed since then I’m really pleased!

What is not so pleasing is the pain I am in. I didn’t think I had upped the exercise ante that much but, I have bad DOMS for the first time in months!  Run club this morning was agony. I hope my fellow runners didnt find me rude – I was so busy talking to myself to get through it that I ignored everyone around me. After running I went for a nice long walk with a friend. We took the pace nice and easy – 2 hours for 11km but it hasn’t helped. I’m not sure what the people behind me thought as I limped down the stairs! This week’s exercise has consisted of:

Monday: 11.3km walk

Tuesday: Outdoor toning session with lunge walks, squat jumps and what felt like a million pushups

Wednesday: 7.4km run followed by about 600m walking and another 1km running. Granted this was the furthest I’d ever run in one session but previously had run 7.3 so not a big difference. A couple of extra hills (not steep) in this route

Thursday: nothing (partly due to extra hours at work partly due to being in agony and making excuses.

Friday: approx 5.3km run in run club (done in loops of just around 1km with rest breaks in between) and later a slow 11km walk.

So really nothing out of the ordinary to explain the quad and calf pain. I know it’s not serious, and I know it wont last much longer. It’s just funny having to ease myself down onto the toilet again after so long! Good to know I can still push myself beyond my previous capabilities.


4 thoughts on “the return of DOMS

    • Yeah my hammys are always tight DOMS this week were calf and quads though. I have a foam roller (man those things HURT). Really should use it more often (Im such a whimp). Seems all good today after bootcamp and a nice easy 9km walk yesterday 🙂 Today is a rest day ahead of what I hope is at least an 8km run tomorrow 🙂

  1. I’m just impressed that you haven’t used DOMS as a complete excuse to stop exercising. I go hard at the gym, the next day stay in bed with DOMS and tummy ache. 🙂 No excuses now!

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