Getting there :-)

Last week I jumped on the stage at the stupidly early 5am… I was up 200gms. Not happy Jan but a good wake up call re a couple of bad habits that had been sneaking back in. Just as an experiment I jumped on the scales the next day at the more reasonable hour of 8am (no early training for me on Thursdays) and I was actually down. I took the Wednesday weight as official though.

On Saturday my knee gave out during bootcamp. I’ve been getting pain in it more and more frequently so finally decided to bite the bullet and see a physio. I managed to get an appointment later saturday morning which was fantastic. The result of seeing the physio though isn’t so hot – apparently i have “runners knee”. Me. Who always used to say I hated running, who has only just started loving it, is now not allowed to run at all. Me that used to be a couch potato now has a sports injury! I had to laugh, although I do admit some tears were shed when I was told no running at all for at least 2 weeks…. although that might have had something to do with the physios thumb being pressed into my ITB at the time. No one ever told me physio HURTS! So anyway turns out my ITB is stupidly tight (readers be warned – do NOT put off your stretches. Do them DAILY!) and as a result my knee is now inflamed which is why I have a grinding sensation and pain after running. I’m not allowed to run, squat, lunge, cycle, swim breaststroke, do stairs or basically anything where there is load bearing on the bent knee. This seriously impacts my regular training! I’m determined to not let it beat me though. I’ve been walking at least an hour every day since I was told no running. I switched my regular outdoor toning session yesterday for a Kimax class and just modified the things I couldn’t do – while the class was doing squats, I did pushups, instead of kneeing the bag, I kneed the air, I walked instead of ran the warm up. It did mean I burned fewer calories than normal, but at least I got to do something FUN! I’m Kimaxing again tonight and tomorrow instead of pump class I’m going to a stroke correction swim class. I have been told the knee should be ok for the RAW Challenge as long as I follow instructions and no running between now and then. I really want to do RAW and follow it up with the 10km in Melbourne 2 weeks later so I am being a good girl and doing as I am told. Not easy though.

I also emailed the 12WBT support team as the injury means i can’t complete my fitness test for Week 4, and they offered some great advice and support for keeping on track and modifying my exercise program. It really is great to be signed up to a program where I don’t feel like just another number and where they show genuine interest in you

Which brings me to this morning’s weigh in. 1.6kgs down from last Wednesday. HAPPY DAYS! It also brings up over 25kgs lost since I started this journey. This last 5 have been a very slow process so it feels really good to be ticking off that accomplishment. It means I can focus on the next one (getting into the 60s). I’m hoping to do that in the next 5 – 6 weeks. Wish me luck… ohhh news just in… just checked and I AM NO LONGER OBESE!!! Take that crappy BMI!!!! I may be “overweight” but I have moved from Severely Obese, through Obese and am now merely “overweight”. Doing the happy dance right now!!!


Living and Loving Life!

This weekend was the kind of weekend I want to continue to have for the rest of my life. It all started Friday morning when the run club girls decided to hold Flouro Friday. The mere act of dressing up in bright colours just gave a special feeling to the air and everyone was just a little silly. The session, despite being a tough one involving cross country running up hills and rock staircases absolutely flew by. I couldn’t believe it when it was over!

the run club girls get a little silly :-)

the run club girls get a little silly 🙂

Friday night I caught up with friends for dinner and drinks. I put on my magic birthday dress from Leona Edmiston (magic because when i put it on I seem to instantly lose a dress size), and caught the ferry into Darling Harbour on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. Not bad for winter! I felt great and I must have looked ok too because during the 2 minute walk from the ferry to the pub I got hit on! 5.30 in the afternoon and the guy was sober! First time in my life that has happened and it definitely gave me an ego boost. I didn’t count calories Friday night. I ate, I drank, I had an awesome evening with my friends…. and I got hit on no less than 3 times!

Unfortunately I drank a little too much so although I was awake and raring to go in time for bootcamp on Saturday morning I was in fact still too inebriated to drive there. Instead I spent the day marveling at how I was as wobbly on my legs as if I had done a heavy bootcamp session and getting ready for the Glow Run.  Saturday night, the Sydney Glow Run was my first ever fun run. I painted my official entry shirt, stocked up on the glow sticks and headed in for a fun night of running and dancing around Darling Harbour. I used to think “fun run” was an oxymoron. There’s nothing “fun” about running… except maybe when you stop. Saturday night changed my mind though. Hanging out with my friends, dressing up like crazy people, being surrounded by thousands of other people doing the same thing on a balmy Sydney evening,  it was AWESOME! The course was 5km around Darling Harbour and Pyrmont. It wasn’t a timed event and there were stations every couple of kms where they had music playing. I ran, and danced my way around the course, dodging regular folks who I’m sure thought we were all crazy as they headed to the Darling Harbour restaurants. I LOVED it!!! I’ll definitely be doing more fun runs 🙂 I decided it would be just as fast to walk home from the event than to take public transport, plus i was still feeling guilty about missing bootcamp, so I walked. An hour later I was home and ready to collapse into bed.

My first ever event pack!

My first ever event pack!

Party at the end of Glow Run

Party at the end of Glow Run

I’m not really sure why but Saturday night seemed to take more of a toll on my body than I expected so I skipped my planned 10km run this morning – I didnt want to hold anyone up if I couldn’t run the whole distance. I spent the day cleaning out my spare room, and finding clothes that had been too tight that were now too big. This afternoon I did the bay walk in the sunshine with a gorgeous friend

It was far from perfect but it has been an AWESOME weekend! I want more and more of those types of weekend in my future.