Dexa Scan Results at halfway

Today I went for my second Dexa scan of this journey at Measure Up in Sydney ( . Some of you may remember when I went for my original scan back in January. It was a traumatic experience with horrendous results and I was in tears. I did however manage to walk back home from the appointment in the city and it took me almost an hour and a half. You can read about the full experience here: if you are interested.

Today though I was actually looking forward to the scan results. I wanted to see how I was going. One of the dangers of doing a low calorie program like 12WBT is that you can actually start losing muscle instead of fat. (1200 cals a day is considered low). I wanted to make sure I was losing fat.

So I was feeling kind of positive as I climbed up onto the scanning bed. This time as the Michellin man image started to appear, the old image was beside it, and whilst I still look humongous, I could already see that there was a lot less of me than in the previous image. Then came the results. Since my last scan (taken at the end of warm up for round 1) I have lost 19.4kgs. Of that 19.4kg, 16.9kg of it was FAT! Thats almost 17kg of fat gone from my body. That is the same as the average weight of a 4 year old! I’m thrilled 🙂 in addition to that I have only lost 2.5kg of muscle. I still have over 45kg of muscle so apparently that small loss is no big deal. My consultant was thrilled. So much so they’ve asked if I will be “scan of the month” for their facebook page to inspire other people. I’m a bit chuffed 🙂

Here is a comparison of the two scans:

Scan from Jan on left, Aug on right, 19.4kg lighter, 16.9kg fat gone forever

19.4kg lighter, 16.9kg fat gone forever Yellow is fat, red is lean muscle mass and blue is bone


There is still too much fat there. I am still made up of 29.5kg of fat or 38% of my body weight. I need to get that down under 25%. But whereas my last scan recommendation was to lose 24-27kg of fat, (a HUGELY daunting number) this scan the recommendation is to lose 9-10kg of fat. That seems highly achievable!

After the end of the scan i didn’t just walk home. I RAN home. in under 45 minutes. Almost half the time of that depressing walk in January. I love this scan because it really shows how this is assisting my health. I’m going to take a copy to my doctor this afternoon and I know she will be pleased. I’m looking forward to having another one done in January when hopefully I will be down to healthy levels!


A Different Kind of Before Photo

This morning I had one of the most confronting, horrifying, humiliating, upsetting, and downright scary experiences of my life. It was also incredibly powerful and I hope motivating. I had a dexa scan. For those that don’t know it, a dexa scan measures your body composition… ie how much fat, muscle bone etc that your body is made up of. It had been recommended to me by some people who have been doing the 12wbt for a while. Many of them were getting them after a year of the program and wishing they had one from when they started to compare to. So I decided to give it a go.

I knew the results would not be good… in fact I was expecting downright terrible. But I thought, knowledge is power and knowing where I am starting can only help me moving forward. So I jumped on the bus and headed in to the city. My stomach was churning… partly from nerves, partly from TTOM. I tried to keep talking positively to myself. Telling myself that “no matter how bad it is, it will never be this bad again”… that “I’m already taking steps to improve it”… “I’ll be so happy I have this to compare to after I’ve lost the weight” – that kind of thing, but it wasn’t helping. I wanted to throw up the breakfast I had forced down (Eating Breakfast every day was my Week 1 change and I refuse to break that commitment to myself). I think the nerves were affecting my brain too. I’d mixed up the address in my head, couldn’t find the place and had to ring them and ask. Then when I got there, I had to fill in the form on their ipad. The girl gave me a pen for the signature box and instead of using the rubber tip on the back I kept trying to sign with the nib… resulting in ink on the ipad sad

Feeling like a total fool I was ushered by the friendly staff member into the room. Shoes off and onto the bed/table. I laid still while the arm of the machine slowly moved up and down over my body. I was feeling ok and then I opened my eyes. Above me, on the ceiling was a monitor that showed the scan as it was happening. Before my eyes I saw the bones in my feet emerging and then further up my body. The bones were fine, but it was what I saw around it that horrified me. The shadows that represented the rest of my body mass were HUGE. I looked like a michelllin man. The hips. Oh my god! My hip/butt fat is twice the size of the width of my pelvic bones! I was mortified. I felt the tears starting to burn behind my eyes but had to lay still while the machine finished the scan. I couldn’t control the tears and they spilled out as next my stomach and then the balloons I call arms emerged. They are threatening to come again as I remember that moment. How could I have allowed myself to get like this? Was this how other people saw me? I mean I know I’m bigger than average, but I had no idea that I was THIS big. I’m as wide as I am tall.

Scan finished and I had to face the (attractive male) technician to get the results. I couldn’t look at him. I was so embarrassed. Embarrassed at the tears, embarrassed at the fat ugly joke of a human being I had become. I wasn’t one of those body building perfect human forms that often go for these scans (to see if they had dropped any of their 3% body fat). I was ready for the lecture… sort of. I was ready for the disdain, the “well I’ll tell you what you need to do but I know you wont do it” look that I’ve seen in the past. I didn’t get that though.

He was obviously uncomfortable with my tears (who wouldn’t be?), but I was treated with respect. He congratulated me on facing the numbers and in taking the steps to fix them, telling me that this was just a baseline, and that it would be good to see how much I have changed the next time I get one. Then he started going through the report. The first bit isn’t so bad. Bone density. Mine is good smile Bone density is one of those areas where high numbers are good! Yay. I’m not at risk for osteoporosis etc.

Then the rest. Well I’ll put it out there. I am made up of 48% fat. 46 and a half kilos of it. Ok. It’s bad. It’s not however over 50% which is what I was expecting. So that’s something right? The really surprising thing was the muscle. I actually have almost 48kg of muscle! Who’d a thunk it??? That’s actually quite high – especially in someone as short as me! Wow. I’m taking that as a good thing! I’d only opted for the quickscan, not the full consult, so we had a brief chat about how I should start the program by sticking to the 1200 cals but if my weight loss starts to plateau I should actually increase that a bit and I should start losing again. We discussed that I need to lose around 20 – 26kg of fat but try not to lose the muscle mass. By then the tears had stopped and I was able to go pay etc.

I toddled off to the bathroom, put my HRM on and set off to walk home as planned. The walk was actually good in a way. It gave me time to get my head right again. It settled my stomach a bit. I was starting to feel positive again and enjoying being out in the sun and doing something I’d never done before (I always catch the bus or a cab). 1hr 25 min, 8.8km and 634 cals burned later I was home. Exhausted yes, but feeling good about where I’m heading. Yes the scan results are awful. But they will NEVER be that bad again. I promise that to myself.

Bellow is the pics from mine, without all the numbers that go with it. Well worth it if it is something you are considering.

dexa pics