Dexa Scan Results at halfway

Today I went for my second Dexa scan of this journey at Measure Up in Sydney ( . Some of you may remember when I went for my original scan back in January. It was a traumatic experience with horrendous results and I was in tears. I did however manage to walk back home from the appointment in the city and it took me almost an hour and a half. You can read about the full experience here: if you are interested.

Today though I was actually looking forward to the scan results. I wanted to see how I was going. One of the dangers of doing a low calorie program like 12WBT is that you can actually start losing muscle instead of fat. (1200 cals a day is considered low). I wanted to make sure I was losing fat.

So I was feeling kind of positive as I climbed up onto the scanning bed. This time as the Michellin man image started to appear, the old image was beside it, and whilst I still look humongous, I could already see that there was a lot less of me than in the previous image. Then came the results. Since my last scan (taken at the end of warm up for round 1) I have lost 19.4kgs. Of that 19.4kg, 16.9kg of it was FAT! Thats almost 17kg of fat gone from my body. That is the same as the average weight of a 4 year old! I’m thrilled 🙂 in addition to that I have only lost 2.5kg of muscle. I still have over 45kg of muscle so apparently that small loss is no big deal. My consultant was thrilled. So much so they’ve asked if I will be “scan of the month” for their facebook page to inspire other people. I’m a bit chuffed 🙂

Here is a comparison of the two scans:

Scan from Jan on left, Aug on right, 19.4kg lighter, 16.9kg fat gone forever

19.4kg lighter, 16.9kg fat gone forever Yellow is fat, red is lean muscle mass and blue is bone


There is still too much fat there. I am still made up of 29.5kg of fat or 38% of my body weight. I need to get that down under 25%. But whereas my last scan recommendation was to lose 24-27kg of fat, (a HUGELY daunting number) this scan the recommendation is to lose 9-10kg of fat. That seems highly achievable!

After the end of the scan i didn’t just walk home. I RAN home. in under 45 minutes. Almost half the time of that depressing walk in January. I love this scan because it really shows how this is assisting my health. I’m going to take a copy to my doctor this afternoon and I know she will be pleased. I’m looking forward to having another one done in January when hopefully I will be down to healthy levels!


Can’t be disappointed

Today is once again Weigh In Wednesday. I really wanted to have lost 15kg before I fly overseas on Friday. I knew it was a big ask with my small losses the last couple of weeks so I didn’t hold out much hope this morning. Instead I was just hoping for a good loss. I got a little less than I wanted – 900g. I can’t be disappointed with that though. Looking back at the week, I did have those 2 chocolate binges so the fact I lost anything is fabulous. Also, although I may not have lost 15kg, I have lost 14.1kg since I started this journey (14.3% of my body weight), and that is nothing to be sneezed at! Add that to the fact that I can now run 1km without stopping (and outdoors too!) and I am so far from my old self I’m almost unrecognisable! In the 9 weeks since the 12WBT kicked off I have lost 8.5kg or 9.2% of my body weight. I’ve done that whilst still enjoying my life – dinners out, weekends away, lunches with friends etc. Sure I don’t eat out as much as I used to but I haven’t become a recluse – far from it. I’ve also made some great new friends, and spend more time with people than I have in years. It’s just that instead of eating, I spend time with other people exercising. Interesting though, that whenever I have gone to write todays weight down, I’ve started it with a 9 instead of an 8. No idea why. I guess for some reason I am having trouble adjusting to being in the 80s. I’m not far off the 70s so I hope my head catches up soon!

I picked up my visa for China today and as I was flipping through my passport (something I love to do), I looked at the photos. In particular I looked at how round my face used to be. The photos in the passport aren’t even from me at my heaviest! To try and help my headspace I thought I would take a comparison shot. Now I know passport photos are never flattering, so the comparison shot is equally bad – harsh lighting, no makeup etc but I think I can actually see a difference. The photo on the left is from my Brazillian visa. Taken at the end of 2011… when I’d actually lost a bit of weight before travelling. (too scared to actually weigh in though). The pic on the right is me this morning. A long way to go but there are definitely less chins, and a more defined shape around the jawline I think.