Getting there :-)

Last week I jumped on the stage at the stupidly early 5am… I was up 200gms. Not happy Jan but a good wake up call re a couple of bad habits that had been sneaking back in. Just as an experiment I jumped on the scales the next day at the more reasonable hour of 8am (no early training for me on Thursdays) and I was actually down. I took the Wednesday weight as official though.

On Saturday my knee gave out during bootcamp. I’ve been getting pain in it more and more frequently so finally decided to bite the bullet and see a physio. I managed to get an appointment later saturday morning which was fantastic. The result of seeing the physio though isn’t so hot – apparently i have “runners knee”. Me. Who always used to say I hated running, who has only just started loving it, is now not allowed to run at all. Me that used to be a couch potato now has a sports injury! I had to laugh, although I do admit some tears were shed when I was told no running at all for at least 2 weeks…. although that might have had something to do with the physios thumb being pressed into my ITB at the time. No one ever told me physio HURTS! So anyway turns out my ITB is stupidly tight (readers be warned – do NOT put off your stretches. Do them DAILY!) and as a result my knee is now inflamed which is why I have a grinding sensation and pain after running. I’m not allowed to run, squat, lunge, cycle, swim breaststroke, do stairs or basically anything where there is load bearing on the bent knee. This seriously impacts my regular training! I’m determined to not let it beat me though. I’ve been walking at least an hour every day since I was told no running. I switched my regular outdoor toning session yesterday for a Kimax class and just modified the things I couldn’t do – while the class was doing squats, I did pushups, instead of kneeing the bag, I kneed the air, I walked instead of ran the warm up. It did mean I burned fewer calories than normal, but at least I got to do something FUN! I’m Kimaxing again tonight and tomorrow instead of pump class I’m going to a stroke correction swim class. I have been told the knee should be ok for the RAW Challenge as long as I follow instructions and no running between now and then. I really want to do RAW and follow it up with the 10km in Melbourne 2 weeks later so I am being a good girl and doing as I am told. Not easy though.

I also emailed the 12WBT support team as the injury means i can’t complete my fitness test for Week 4, and they offered some great advice and support for keeping on track and modifying my exercise program. It really is great to be signed up to a program where I don’t feel like just another number and where they show genuine interest in you

Which brings me to this morning’s weigh in. 1.6kgs down from last Wednesday. HAPPY DAYS! It also brings up over 25kgs lost since I started this journey. This last 5 have been a very slow process so it feels really good to be ticking off that accomplishment. It means I can focus on the next one (getting into the 60s). I’m hoping to do that in the next 5 – 6 weeks. Wish me luck… ohhh news just in… just checked and I AM NO LONGER OBESE!!! Take that crappy BMI!!!! I may be “overweight” but I have moved from Severely Obese, through Obese and am now merely “overweight”. Doing the happy dance right now!!!


Getting back into the swing of things… slowly

Down 700g for this week. Better than last week. It did teach me not to do sneaky mid week weigh ins though.. I was down a whole kilo as of Sunday and did nothing “wrong” between then and today to warrant the increase of 300g.  700g for a week like this is good though. Nutrition is still not 100%. I think I hit the worst of it on the weekend though. Friday run club which I normally LOVE, I ended up in tears. We were doing hill runs which are never easy, but when you’ve filled your body with crap for weeks leading up to them they are downright horrendous. I’m a stubborn cow though, so I kept pushing myself. Could hardly breathe (to the point where people asked me if i was asthmatic), wanted to throw up but was so damned mad at myself I just kept pushing. The girls were amazing though. I truly am blessed to have so much support around me. Coach took me aside for a bit of a chat and kept checking in with me all day. Result: first crap free day all week.

Saturday I was determined to bang out a real super session. I did bootcamp in the morning as usual, then got the shopping done and headed out to Homebush to meet up with a friend to try and complete a 10km run. By the time we started it was 11am and Sydney had turned on an absolute pearler of a day. Bright blue skies and warm sunshine…. about 1km in I was cursing that sunshine. It felt HOT! No shade out there, but the lovely Kate had mapped out a nice flat route for my first 10km. I couldn’t let her down. It wasn’t fast (1hr 13min) and it defintely wasn’t pretty… and I fought with myself the whole way around but it got DONE! 10.3km non stop. A personal record for me. Thank goodness Kate accepts that i’m a little crazy and didnt freak out when I started yelling at my legs (body was doing that thing where it works a pain around the body… shin splints, stitch, shoulder pain etc which was fine, until it went back to shin splints and I dedided that doubling back was against the rules). Not did it phase her when i started chanting “I can do this” in time with our footfalls outloud to try and quiet the voice in my head that was telling me I was too fat/old/unfit etc to do this. I must say that that is the most negative my head has ever been during a run. It’s scary. Thankfully the out loud chanting and the support of my wonderful running partner got me through it. There was no runners high at the end of that run (at least not for me – Kate on the other hand was flying high after running way slower than she usually would so I could keep up) but I was really pleased that I won the mental battle and got it done. I followed it up on Monday with another 9km + run near home. Legs were aching and I didnt manage to run the steep hill after the stairs that time but I did run the rest and theres no shame in walking 120m up a 45′ gradient 8km in.  I did manage all 75 burpees and 150 lunges (75 each leg) at the end of the toning session last night so its no wonder my legs are dead today.

Food the rest of the week has been pretty good until today. I broke down and ate chocolate in spite of my pledge to stay off it completely for this week. No real reason just an “I want it” and couldn’t be bothered fighting the impulse for too long. Not going to beat myself up though. Tonight its off to Kimax and I’ll beat up the boxing bag instead. Also gives my legs a little bit of a break as I’m not going to do a run today (other than running around in class).

So the week isn’t perfect but it’s not that bad and the scales are still moving in the right direction. Hopefully things just keep getting better from here

the return of DOMS

Wednesday’s weigh in was another pleasant surprise. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my body responds to eating well and moving more. Down 1kg in only a couple of days! That puts me at only 100gm more than I weighed on the morning of my birthday and given the amount of calories consumed since then I’m really pleased!

What is not so pleasing is the pain I am in. I didn’t think I had upped the exercise ante that much but, I have bad DOMS for the first time in months!  Run club this morning was agony. I hope my fellow runners didnt find me rude – I was so busy talking to myself to get through it that I ignored everyone around me. After running I went for a nice long walk with a friend. We took the pace nice and easy – 2 hours for 11km but it hasn’t helped. I’m not sure what the people behind me thought as I limped down the stairs! This week’s exercise has consisted of:

Monday: 11.3km walk

Tuesday: Outdoor toning session with lunge walks, squat jumps and what felt like a million pushups

Wednesday: 7.4km run followed by about 600m walking and another 1km running. Granted this was the furthest I’d ever run in one session but previously had run 7.3 so not a big difference. A couple of extra hills (not steep) in this route

Thursday: nothing (partly due to extra hours at work partly due to being in agony and making excuses.

Friday: approx 5.3km run in run club (done in loops of just around 1km with rest breaks in between) and later a slow 11km walk.

So really nothing out of the ordinary to explain the quad and calf pain. I know it’s not serious, and I know it wont last much longer. It’s just funny having to ease myself down onto the toilet again after so long! Good to know I can still push myself beyond my previous capabilities.

Learning to Run

Anyone who knows me knows I have never been what you would consider athletic. Sure, as a kid I was fit, did every dance class known to man and tried my hand at numerous sports, but apart from dancing I never stuck with anything for more than a few weeks especially if it involved running. I hated running. I was crap at it and I hated anything I was crap at. The only time I recall getting any sort of solace or comfort from running was when they told me our first dog had to be put down, and I ran down the street with him back to the car because I couldn’t bear walking. Since then I havent done any running voluntarily… until 12WBT.

Round 1 saw me attempt the couch to 5k… for a few weeks. It helped. As did all the running drills I did in bootcamp etc. I stopped the C25K mainly because I was doing all sorts of other exercise and it didn’t really fit in. By week 8 of 12WBT though I had improved in my running enough to run 1km without stopping for my fitness test. I was pretty happy about that!  I had planned to run during my holiday but that didnt end up happening, so I was a bit worried about whether I could repeat the performance for my fitness test in Round 2.

Thankfully I did! My time wasn’t as good, but that wasn’t the issue. I just wanted to run the km again. It’s very much a mental thing for me. When I start puffing an panting my brain tells me I should stop. I have to keep making deals with myself to go further. This time though it was a bit different. Sure I was puffing like a steam train about 50m in and I knew I wasn’t going to do it easy, but I also had the knowledge that i have been able to complete it before, and that as bad as my breathing sounds (passers by give me concerned looks – probably thinking I’m about to keel over), that as long as it doesn’t get any worse I can keep going. I even had some left for a sprint at the end! Funnily enough, as hard as the jogging part was, the sprint part actually felt good! My legs strode out, my arms pumped, I felt strong! Don’t get me wrong, it was only very short  and I wouldn’t have broken any Olympic records, but for that few seconds I could actually tell why people enjoy this running thing.

I therefore decided to join a group of inner westies for a Couch to 10km training session. When the alarm went off at 5.30 on Friday morning, I didn’t let myself procrastinate. I was up, dressed and out the door before I had the chance to think about the fact that I had just voluntarily cut short the first proper night’s sleep I’d had in a week. It was cold and dark when I met the ladies near the bay and I was a little intimidated when I saw that most of the others were regular runners – some had even done marathons! Luckily the lovely Carol was there (my partner from my first ever bootcamp). The lady who had organised it, and her husband are both runners and had set out a course for us with  cones. We’d run to the first cone, then walk back, run to the second cone, then do a combination of walking and running back to the start. We kept this up for the whole session. Cheri, the organiser ran with Carol and I (how that girl can hold a conversation while running i have no idea!). She was a great motivator and didnt make me feel like I was holding people back at all. By the end of the session we had walked/jogged 4km. Most of it was jogged! I even had enough left for another sprint finish and once again I got that awesome feeling for that few seconds of sprinting.

I’m planning on attending these sessions every Friday morning if work permits. I’m really looking forward to improving how long I can run for. A little part of me is also looking forward to extending the length of my “sprints”… who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to actually run (not just jog) the whole 1km! Miracles happen right?


Keep calm and Carry On – Back to reality

I arrived back home this morning after my fabulous trip. I had had the best of intentions to exercise once I got back to England, however I broke my toe on my last night in Casablanca (accidently kicked the bed leg) so walking was painful enough – running was just not going to happen. I’ve faced the scales. I’ve put on 3kg during the trip. ok. I can accept that. I ate and drank anything and everything and did stuff all in regards to exercise. I enjoyed every moment of my trip but I let my self discipline disappear. That is the result. I’m not going to let it stress me out. I’m home again so that means back into my routine.

Luckily I have a couple of meals in the freezer as I have no tie to do the shopping before I go back to work and I really dont want the bad eating to continue now I’m home. Toe is still out of shape but nowhere near as painful so I should be able to get straight back into the exercise too without using that as an excuse. Round 2 starts today, and whilst I am a little behind on preseason tasks and preparation I feel ready to take on the round. I’ve done my measuring (funnily enough only increased waist size – the rest were down from Week 8, Rnd 1). I’m planning on doing the fitness test on Wednesday morning as I have nanna duties tomorrow and otherwise time is taken up with work. Bootcamp should be on for Saturday and the fab ladies I worked out with in my local area last round are keen to keep it up this round. I will also join a gym this round to help keep me motivated on dark cold/wet/rainy winters days when id rather sit on the couch wrapped in a blanket.

Goals for this round:

Lose 10kgs including the 3 I’ve just put on (to bring total lost to 22kg)

Run 2km without stopping. (am hoping I can still run 1km)

Keep consistent with the food for the full 12 weeks (allowing myself a little leeway for my 40th birthday weekend towards the end of the round)

Do 20 full pushups.

Stay positive and not let the “I’m back home” blues get me down and sabotage my efforts

Great motto for me this round

Great motto for me this round

by the end of the trip I was looking like a porker!

by the end of the trip I was looking like a porker!

stone henge camel


Jubilation, Frustration, Determination and Satisfaction

Weigh in Wednesday has rolled around again. I know I’ve worked hard this week, and I know I’ve stuck to the eating plan. I approached the scales with mixed feelings though – its the first full week of the program so I was really hoping for a good result but there’s always that niggling little voice that tells me my body just doesn’t lose quickly. Anyway I dragged myself out of bed (why is this getting harder every morning??) and got on the scales. DOWN 1.1kg!!!! Cue bathroom happy dance! I’m thrilled with that grin

That was just the boost I needed to get my butt down to the gym at work (raining outside). I set myself up and got on to the treadmill ready to start my Couch to 5k, as soon as I started walking at any pace though the ligament in my leg started screaming. Dammit! I felt like chucking a tantrum there and then. My stupid body that wont do what I want it to. Bad enough that I’m unfit but these stupid road blocks when I’m trying to fix that just make me want to SCREAM!

The gym at work is not particularly well equipped for cardio days. It was set up mainly for the guys, so has a treadmill, a multi exercise weight machine thingy and thats it for the airconditioned area. Out in the (indoor) carpark area there is a sparring dummy and a set of 10 ounce boxing gloves. I was determined to get a workout done this morning even if any sort of weight bearing on that leg hurt. If Mish can workout with her hamstring injury, I can workout with inflamed ligaments! So I donned the boxing gloves and took out all my frustrations on the dummy. I set up rounds for myself – 20 punches followed by 5 sumo squats. Repeat making sure I changed my arm lead and leg stance regularly. Then I switched to Front kicks into the chest area of the dummy – 10 on each leg followed by 60 uppercuts. Repeat for 3 rounds. (That one did hurt the ligament a bit, but I know from the sports podiatrist that any kind of one legged balance work is good for strengthening the muscles in that area.). As an “active rest” I walked up and down the length of the carpark area. Every step hurt, and even the right leg started to develop pain, but it was no impact so wasn’t doing any damage and I figured as long as pain levels werent excruciating I would push through. Then back to the dummy for more punching and kicking rounds. After about 35 minutes I could barely lift my arms and my hands hurt from the impact so I did the last couple of rounds with no gloves on and air punched.

By the time all that was done, and I’d done my stretches i had burned 480 calories. Not a massive number but I’m satisfied with it. My upper body is my weak point, so the muscles give out easily meaning its hard to keep it up for long periods in order to get cardio benefit. I’ve always used my legs for cardio with occasional small bursts of boxing (like 1 – 2 min) to mix it up a bit. Today tested me both mentally and physically. I’m feeling pretty good that I overcame the obstacle that my legs presented me with and got a good sweaty workout done!

motivation 37

First Fitness Test

I finally got around to doing my fitness test this morning. I had planned to do it yesterday morning with the inner westie facebook group (followed by their SSS regime) but work butted its ugly head in and meant I couldn’t make it. By the time I was finished work it was 30’C+ and I was exhausted so the thought of doing anything at all outside was just too much for me. I did however head to the gym back at the office and did back to back couch to 5k programs. I’d forgotten to put my HRM transmitter on (early mornings are not good for my brain function!) so thought the easiest way to measure my cals was to spend the whole time on the treadmill so at least I could use time + distance to guestimate calories burned.

So this morning I set my alarm for 5.45 so I could get the fitness test done before meeting people to do the Bay at 7. Someone had said somewhere that it should only take around 20 min… that someone did not take into account that there is a 10min warm up and it takes me forever to do 1km lol. I think next time I will allow myself closer to an hour.

Anyway here are the results of my test:
1km time trial: – 8min 47sec (Beginner but hoping to make it sub 8min by the end of the round and graduate to intermediate)
Pushups: – 20 on my knees (Beginner, again should be able to push into advanced as the program progresses)
Abdominal strength: – 90sec on knees (Advanced. WTF!?!?! I really think they need to rethink those numbers. Anyway from here on in I must do planks on toes)
Wallsit: – 53sec (Beginner, I expected better than this after all those squats, but should easily make it into Intermediate before the round ends)
Sit and Reach: – PLUS 5cm (actually plus 53mm, Intermediate, almost advanced. I am hoping this is into advanced by week 4. Its only 7mm further and as the tummy shrinks it should get easier lol)

So there you have it. I am, as I expected, a Beginner for the exercise component of the program. I don’t feel at all bad about that. I know these numbers are a hell of a lot better than they would have been had I done them a month or 2 ago. I also know they will be better when I do them next time.

Following the fitness test I did the bay plus a bit extra in probably my worst time in ages hahaha. I didn’t run any of it and my legs ached the whole way around. 8.3km in 1hr 28 min putting me at just over 9km for the morning. My legs feel like they’ve done 50km. I do feel good about the 760+ cals I’ve burned this morning (only had HRM on for time trial and bay walk) so that puts me in good stead for the degustation dinner with matching wines I’m going to tonight. A last hurrah before the round kicks off tomorrow.

I’ve done my shop (approx $135 for 1 person without the 10 serve cheesecake recipe for those that were concerned), have my program sorted and am ready to get on with it. It’s exciting, and a little scary. The food part I’m really looking forward to. The exercise part I’m going to have to push myself. Right now I’m aching from the waist down (including a bit of my back for some reason) and I know there are a lot more aches and pains to come. I’m determined not to let that stop me though. This time there will be no half arsed efforts. I will conquer the food AND the exercise AND the mindset and I will come out the other side slimmer, fitter and happier.

Let the games begin!

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