Dexa Scan Results at halfway

Today I went for my second Dexa scan of this journey at Measure Up in Sydney ( . Some of you may remember when I went for my original scan back in January. It was a traumatic experience with horrendous results and I was in tears. I did however manage to walk back home from the appointment in the city and it took me almost an hour and a half. You can read about the full experience here: if you are interested.

Today though I was actually looking forward to the scan results. I wanted to see how I was going. One of the dangers of doing a low calorie program like 12WBT is that you can actually start losing muscle instead of fat. (1200 cals a day is considered low). I wanted to make sure I was losing fat.

So I was feeling kind of positive as I climbed up onto the scanning bed. This time as the Michellin man image started to appear, the old image was beside it, and whilst I still look humongous, I could already see that there was a lot less of me than in the previous image. Then came the results. Since my last scan (taken at the end of warm up for round 1) I have lost 19.4kgs. Of that 19.4kg, 16.9kg of it was FAT! Thats almost 17kg of fat gone from my body. That is the same as the average weight of a 4 year old! I’m thrilled 🙂 in addition to that I have only lost 2.5kg of muscle. I still have over 45kg of muscle so apparently that small loss is no big deal. My consultant was thrilled. So much so they’ve asked if I will be “scan of the month” for their facebook page to inspire other people. I’m a bit chuffed 🙂

Here is a comparison of the two scans:

Scan from Jan on left, Aug on right, 19.4kg lighter, 16.9kg fat gone forever

19.4kg lighter, 16.9kg fat gone forever Yellow is fat, red is lean muscle mass and blue is bone


There is still too much fat there. I am still made up of 29.5kg of fat or 38% of my body weight. I need to get that down under 25%. But whereas my last scan recommendation was to lose 24-27kg of fat, (a HUGELY daunting number) this scan the recommendation is to lose 9-10kg of fat. That seems highly achievable!

After the end of the scan i didn’t just walk home. I RAN home. in under 45 minutes. Almost half the time of that depressing walk in January. I love this scan because it really shows how this is assisting my health. I’m going to take a copy to my doctor this afternoon and I know she will be pleased. I’m looking forward to having another one done in January when hopefully I will be down to healthy levels!


Round 2 Final weigh in and measurements

This morning marked the final weigh in for round 2. When i got on the scales I was at first disappointed to see I’ve only lost 200g for the week. However, I was sick for 3 days and unable to train, my food choices when sick were less than ideal so really 200g for the week is GOOD. Then I looked at the big picture. Over the last 12 weeks I have lost 10.4kg or 12% of my body weight. I’m happy with that. I’ve also lost 8cm off my chest (went for bra fitting yesterday and those cm have come mainly off the back fat rather than the cup size so I’m happy!), 8cm off my waist, 5cm off my hips and 3cm off my thighs. I’m really happy with that. It’s not as much as other people but I’m not other people. I am me. I am also now a size 14 and am absolutely THRILLED with that. No more plus size shops! I can now shop in regular stores!!! I have signed up for round 3 as I’m still about 16kg away from my goal weight. I’m ok with that too. I know it is doable. I’m planning on being a size 10-12 by the end of the year.

I’ve booked myself in for another dexa scan next week and am hoping that the 22.4kgs I’ve lost since i started this journey (22.8%) is mainly fat. I’ll be able to compare it to my previous results from here: What I do know for sure is that I won’t come out of that scan in tears like I did that time. 🙂

I haven’t done my fitness test yet but I know my fitness has improved dramatically over the last 12 weeks. At the beginning of the round I could barely run 1km without stopping. Now I run 7km at least once a week and 3-5km regularly. Whats more I actually enjoy running and I finally know what this “runner’s high” is that people go on about! I haven’t really worked on my strength as much this round but I’m sure there have been improvements in that area too. I’ll know for sure after I do my fitness test on the weekend.

So overall I’m feeling pretty positive about the last 12 weeks. I’m giving myself this weekend off calorie counting (you only turn 40 once right?) but I will still be exercising and I plan on getting straight back into it on Monday. Round 3 of the 12WBT kicks off on August 12 and I’m looking forward to more success!

Surprises on the scales

Last week I had a huge loss. I figured that was the plane bloat and extra fluid I was holding due to eating heaps of salt and other less than healthy foods while I was on holidays. Since I’ve been home I’ve eaten pretty well (apart from a big red flag weekend) but had only managed to exercise on 3 days. I was therefore hoping for a loss but expecting only about 500g if I was lucky. Imagine my surprise then when I stepped on the scales and saw that I had dropped 2.3kg!!! That’s huge. Not counting last week, that’s my biggest loss ever. I’m thinking there was a bit of leftover fluid and maybe my body has gone into shock at eating clean again. Either way I don’t care. It’s awesome!!! Added to that my scales say I’ve lost 2% fat. Happy days 🙂 those are the same scales that 2 months ago would measure my fat at all because there was too much of it.

The only downside is how it effects other people. I know it’s hard not to compare yourself to others (I struggled during round 1 preseason I remember), but when people complain about a loss of 800gm and think its terrible and want to throw in the towel because its not as big as those like mine, it makes me feel bad for sharing and takes some of the gloss off. I’d like us to celebrate every achievement, no matter how big or small. Sure some weeks the numbers aren’t massive (although really I think 800g is huge) but the effort that went into getting those results are just as big. Bodies just don’t work according to some magical formula especially female bodies. Some will lose small numbers on the scales but massive inches. Others lose more on the scales and less on the tape measure. Some get big results on both and for others it’s slow going all the way. Everyone is on their own journey. It’s a journey not a race. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get there first, what matters is that we pick up our feet day after day, step after step and keep going. I know it might seem really easy for me to say when I’m sitting on a really big loss this week but I mean it. Next week I’m expecting a small number, maybe even less than 500g – that’s the way my body usually works, but I will celebrate that as well as celebrating with those who lose big numbers. I hope that others continue on their journey they start to feel the same about the scales. Any loss is a good loss. Even of there is no loss, the scales are but one indicator of the changes we are making. Celebrate ALL the accomplishments – increased fitness, sticking to the meal plan, being in control of food instead of it controlling us, running further / faster, doing more push-ups etc.

On the subject of push-ups, really pleased to say I’ve kept up and am now halfway through Michelle’s 300 push up challenge this week. Not always easy, especially to do them on top of regular training, but I’ve done them and most of them on my toes even though I’m only “required” to do them on knees.

Here’s hoping the positivity flows into the next week 🙂 and congratulations to EVERYONE for their amazing achievements on and off the scales this week.