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Pleasant surprises

Today is Weigh in Wednesday again. I wasn’t expecting big numbers after cracking a full kilo last week and having a massive blow out meal on Sunday (guestimating with my fitness pal, that 4-5 hour lunch/ dinner was over 1600 calories!!!! and that’s without drinking!) I’ve been really struggling with the exercise too this week. Most days it has been a real effort to force myself to JFDS and the temptation to roll over and go back to sleep in the mornings has been HUGE! I have managed 5 workouts since last Wednesday but if I’m honest with myself I didn’t really push myself as hard as I could on most of them. I am going to take the fact that I got past the “I’m too tired” excuse and got out and did them as a win though. That’s 2793 calories I would not have burned if I had let the excuses win. I know I need to burn more in a week but at this stage just getting myself to move is a win.

It’s getting harder to burn those calories too. eg. Jan 1. I walked the 7km baywalk in 1hr 13 min and burned around 730 cals. This morning I walked it in 1hr 10min and only burned 509 calories. I’m definitely getting fitter! I’d need to run at least half the bay to get to 730 cals now… unfortunately I’m not quite fit enough to get there yet. I will though. Soon.

So anyway I wasn’t expecting huge things from my scales. I was just praying that I hadn’t put on. I was not disappointed – another 400g GONE. Given the week that has been I’m very happy with that. I have my last big red flag day for a while on Sunday. – a desgustation dinner with matching wines. Given the calories that were in last Sunday’s lunch I’m expecting at least double that at the dinner. I’m going to have to push myself this week and burn more calories in order to combat that meal and record a loss next Wednesday. Hopefully the release of the shopping lists etc tomorrow will help keep me motivated and on track. I read through the results of some of the people in the facebook groups who are finishing round 4 and there are some pretty awesome and inspiring results happening. I’m hoping I can get there too.

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